I Ate Eight Courses of Cannabis-Infused Haute Cuisine, and It Only Made Me More Hungry

Michelin-star “special” cuisine gives new meaning to “high class” dining.

I have never eaten sea urchin, but I suspect this is the first time it’s been plated on top of a French toast stick. It’s slimy and smells a little bit like sea water, but I’m high, so I put it into my mouth. Thirty seconds later, a man declares, “This is food science!” He is definitely also high.

I’m sitting at a table of 30, participating in San Francisco’s first Michelin-starred cannabis-infused dining experience. Gourmet chef Michael Magallanes is infusing an eight-course meal with Nasha’s cold-water-extracted hash. But rather than being a weed dinner where guests eat edibles before arriving or smoke between courses, this meal will involve cannabis that’s present in cooking oils, purees and powders. It will be integrated into the meal like any other ingredient.

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