Despite Special Regulations, Entrepreneurs Hope to Take Bite of Canada’s Marijuana Edibles Market

Mom and pop edible makers ‘deserve a piece of legalization,’ says organizer of pop-up marijuana food market.

Amid all the uncertainty about the federal government’s ​plans to legalize marijuana by mid-2018, a culinary mystery stands out: How will marijuana-infused food products, commonly called “edibles,” fit into the legal regime?

Ottawa has signalled that regulations governing the sales of edibles won’t be ready by the time recreational marijuana becomes legal. But if the huge demand for edibles at 420 celebrations in Toronto’s pot-friendly Kensington Market is any indication, the government needs to start cooking up those regulations, and fast.

Crowds of people packed into a “Green Market” pop-up event on April 20, where vendors sold homemade edibles, ranging from lollipops and cookies, to gourmet fudge, biscotti and even cannabis-infused Chex Mix.

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