Legal Marijuana in the US: The New Surprising Ways People are Getting Stoned

When Jeff Patterson first created Eaze, an app service that allows medical marijuana patients to purchase home-delivered cannabis products from 100 different dispensaries across California, 80 percent of the marijuana products purchased through the app consisted of raw flower. But nearly three years after launching the app in 2014, Eaze’s 250,000-strong cliental have started spending their money on edibles, concentrates and vaporizers, sending marijuana flower sales tumbling down to 50 percent.

“The biggest trend in marijuana overall is the decline in the percentage of flower – the actual plant that can be rolled or put in a pipe that you light on fire and inhale. That type of product is in pretty rapid decline, and we’re seeing the rise of products like edibles and vaporizer concentrates,” Patterson told International Business Times.

For some people, rolling a joint can be a relaxing process all within itself. Deciding whether to zen out with Granddaddy Purple indica or get a little trippy with a Super Silver Haze sativa strain, followed by refining cannabis buds with an elegantly designed premium metal Kannastör grinder, then rolling it all up in Zig Zag Ultra Thin cigarette papers, can become a routine leading to more feelings of euphoria than the actual act of smoking marijuana. But these days, more cannabis consumers are enjoying their pot without coming in contact with marijuana flowers or buds at all.

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