Marijuana Edibles: Blue Kudu Expanding Operations, Chocolate Line

Andrew Schrot, the CEO of Denver-based Blue Kudu, moved to Colorado from Tampa, Florida, with his brother in the summer of 2010, excited to get involved in the cannabis industry. “We thought about edibles, because at that time there wasn’t a consistent, quality product that patients could rely upon,” Schrot recalls.

When Schrot was growing up, his family used to visit the animals at Busch Gardens; a family favorite was the African kudu because of its unique coat and long spiral horns. When brainstorming names for the company, he decided to go with Blue Kudu, to “stand out in a sea of cannabis businesses with green in their name,” he says.

From the start, Blue Kudu focused on chocolate edibles. The brothers did extensive research, going through fifteen to twenty chocolate vendors before choosing one. They keep the name of that vendor under wraps to ward off competition, but Schrot shares that the beans are grown in Europe and made from a family recipe carried down through five generations; in addition, the chocolate is fair trade and Rainforest Alliance-certified.

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