This LA Caterer Will Cook You a Weed-Infused, Multi-Course Feast

“Would you like to come to a private cannabis-infused dinner? It is an upscale event with an intimate setting where the chef pairs each plate to compliment terpenes found in cannabis.”

Believe it or not, in 11 years of writing professionally about Los Angeles food culture, I’ve never received such an invitation. At that very moment, my two worlds became one. I’m not a “smoke weed every day” pothead, but as a native of this city, marijuana has been present throughout many stages of my young adult life. And with Proposition 64 to legalize recreational weed in California on the local ballot this November, I knew this moment would happen very soon.

So there I was, Ubering to an undisclosed location deep in the Hollywood hills on a Wednesday night. It was BYOB, but I was instructed that it was best to not drink so that I could feel the intended paired high of the strain used in each course. That undisclosed location turned out to be a huge mansion just bong’s throw from the Hollywood Bowl overlooking the entire city. I was quickly flagged to sign a waiver that made me promise I was “not an informant,” and also to confirm that I had been legally prescribed medical cannabis. Good thing I had just gotten my license an hour prior via a ten-minute-long, Skyped-in session with PrestoDoctor for my tendonitis.

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