Ottawa’s Public Health Department Steps in to Make Sure the Cannabis Brownies on Sale at Illegal Pot Shops are Stored Properly

In marijuana dispensaries across Ottawa, customers are snapping up dried weed, cannabis brownies and hash, while authorities at every level stand by.

Federal politicians condemn the dispensaries as illegal businesses selling products that may be unsafe. They want Canada’s drug laws enforced, but that’s up to the police.

Ottawa police say they have been monitoring the dispensaries since the first one opened in November 2015. They don’t reveal details of “ongoing investigations.”

At city hall, bylaw officials have been given the head-scratching task of figuring out whether or how to regulate dispensaries. There’s no zoning category for the illegal businesses. And while licences are required to operate everything from a dog kennel to a flea market in the city of Ottawa, officials say licensing medical marijuana is the responsibility of Health Canada.

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