An Edible Marijuana Pioneer is Ready for Billion-Dollar Cannabis Brands

An Edible Marijuana Pioneer Is Ready for Billion-Dollar Cannabis Brands Dixie Brands CEO Tripp Keber on his biggest challenges.

Why did you get into the cannabis industry?
I got into the marijuana business, ironically, to make money. Boy, was I wrong in the early days. I realized in a very quick time period that there was far more to this industry than making money. The power of cannabis is just superior to some of the other wellness platforms, so it’s exciting to see us six years later and how the company has grown.

Why edibles?
It is called weed for a reason, because it grows like one. But to grow good quality cannabis, it’s incredibly challenging. It’s as much of a science as it is an art. I’m not one exactly to get my hands dirty in the garden, so I eliminated that as an opportunity.

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