This Fancy Weed Chocolate Helps You Not Get Too Stoned

People who would rather ingest marijuana than smoke it have plenty of options. You can buy weed-infused pasta sauce, chewing gum, beef jerky… even vegan caviar. The edibles market is big. And this November, voters in California and several other states will decide whether to legalize the recreational use of pot—which means it’s poised to get a lot bigger.

The issue with edibles is their notoriously unpredictable user experience: They’re potent, take a while to kick in, and can take a long time for your body to metabolize. All that makes dosing an intimidating guessing game.

One of the first companies to address this problem in a comprehensive way is Oakland-based Défoncé Chocolatier. The company specializes in high-end, cannabis-infused chocolate, and it’s anticipating the marijuana boom with some of the most user-friendly edibles you’ve ever seen.

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