This Is What Happened When I Ate a Mega-Dosed $500 Weed Sundae

People were less than encouraging when I announced my plan to eat a massive weed sundae on a Facebook Livestream. Some even felt it would be disastrous for VICE’s pro-ice cream agenda.

But naysayers be damned, I had come up with this stupid idea, so I had to go through with it. Besides, I had consumed a 3,000mg dose of THC on the shoot for the first Canadian Cannabis, so what would a few more milligrams do? No one has ever died from the consumption of cannabis, and I knew for a fact that this was not a record-breaking dosage by any means.

As a medical cannabis user (with a pretty rad gig), I have come to realize that edibles only really “work” for me in very high doses, and even then, I seem to find the effects on the milder side. Why? I don’t know, and judging by the dosing recommendation document Health Canada has produced, neither do they, really. While making the latest installment of Canadian Cannabis, which focused on edibles, I came up with the idea of constructing a limit-testing sundae featuring a range of the amazing edible products available on the market. I pitched the idea to VICE and told them I would need about $500 [$390 USD] in order to produce the most spectacular frozen weed treat ever made—and they went for it!

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