How to Sous Vide Your Own Medical Marijuana Edibles

If there is one thing an immersion circulator is good for, it is infusions. The precise temperature of the water bath gives you greater control over your results, and allows you to basically “fix it and forget it.” This is good for extracting all kinds of things, but today we’re going to extract some THC.

I’ve never been hugely into edibles, because I do not enjoy the taste of weed, but they do seem to be fairly effective. A good edible depends on good THC extraction, so my Anova Precision Cooker seemed like a pretty good fit for this particular job. To test out this theory, I tried a few different recipes. Let’s see how it all turned out, shall we? (Note: If you are unsure about the legality of marijuana in your state, consult this map, and be sure to read up and follow your local laws and regulations, also be sure to check out our guide on how to use medical marijuana safely and responsibly.)

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