I Got High at a Fine-Dining Cannabis Pop-Up Dinner

Somewhere between the THC-infused composed plate of curried carrot-confit gnocchi and pea emulsion (paired with the aromatic terpene extract of earthy Blue Dream) and the seared Japanese scallop atop micro-dosed citrus barley (paired with the aromas of Northern Lights and Candyland buds), I realized I was pretty high.

In accordance with state law, I was technically “medicated,” but it wasn’t a sitting-on-the-couch-ordering-too-much-takeout-Chinese-food kind of stoney baloney high. Nor was it a the-cops-have-my-phone-tapped-and-I-think-I-was-followed-here kind of paranoid high.

It was a brilliant and beautiful new kind of lifted state, one that tells of a future where cannabis is recognized as a normal part of functional people’s lives — a raise-another-glass-of-wine, hey-do-we-follow-each-other-on-Twitter-yet, will-you-please-pass-the-Visine kind of dinner-party high not normally associated with the heavy marijuana edibles of our high school stoner pasts.

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