Prepare for Portland’s First Weed Brunch, Pajamas Optional

HunnyMilk smoothly avoids legal hurdles to bring you American comfort food, marijuana, and Saturday morning cartoons.

A pop-up on the rise, HunnyMilk will hold the inaugural Wake and Bake multi-course marijuana brunch on March 26 at 5222 NE Sacramento St., and tickets go on sale today. HunnyMilk owner Brandon Weeks tells Eater the legalities of a marijuana event are complicated, but Wake and Bake has navigated them successfully. If the brunch goes well, he hopes to continue Wake and Bake monthly.

So what exactly will the weed brunch involve, and equally important, how will you keep from becoming a drooling mass of paranoia? Wake and Bake will keep things chill with a pajama contest, cannabis-inspired coloring sheets and crayons”, and classic cartoons on a projector screen.

The food at the multi-course brunch will itself be comforting: waffles dipped in vanilla bean honey butter, cronut (croissant-donut) sandwiches, buttermilk biscuits, and chocolate-peanut butter monkey bread, viz. stoner food prepared by a chef with experience at Charlie Trotter’s, Urban Farmer, and Renata.

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