I Tried Recipes from the Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, then I Needed a Long Nap

I dined on garlic-herb magic mushrooms, lush weed-infused butter, a decadent pot brownie and a cool glass of green juice to top it all off. If the pot industry is looking to reach the bourgie middle class, this is surely the way to go

The obvious answer is to turn it into food.

If you can get pot out of dime-bags and onto big white plates, a whole new market awaits. Which is where books like The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, come in.

What the book offers most of all is reassurance. Particularly for newbie consumers, it tells them that getting stoned can be safe and sophisticated. It does this by mobilising familiar kinds of expertise: nutritionists, botanists, yoga instructors and chefs offer recipes and advice. It also offers constant reminders about dosages and prudent consumption, so that noobs don’t do a Maureen Dowd and abandon pot after a single greenout.

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