News Times’s Ganja Jerked Chicken Recipe Featured on New Weed-Centric Food Site

Three years ago, New Times boldly took your chicken where it had never gone before — namely, to the local head shop. Our “ganja jerk chicken” offered connoisseurs a way to get their THC fix and satisfy their munchies all in one convenient spot.

Now that recipe is going legit. Seattle resident Keith Cushner has included ganja jerk chicken and other weed-infused recipes on his new website, (for the mathematicians out there, that’s 420).

The site, which launched a little more than a month ago, is about all things weed-related. It includes a dispensary directory for Washington state — because recreational weed is legal there — and it also keeps track of what’s going on in other states.

“It’s for people who don’t want to go to Weedmaps or High Times,” Cushner says. “There’s a lot of garbage on the web.”

– Read the entire article at Miami New Times.