Baking A Fool of Myself: BC Baked Salmon Recipe

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis Chef Watermelon presents a recipe for delicious pot-infused BC Baked Salmon.

BC Baked Salmon Recipe

Lightly rub dried marijuana flowers and sea salt over your favourite cut of salmon. (The fattier the better).

Cover with foil and Bake at 325* until desired texture is achieved.

Uncover, cool and serve.

People always ask me what the herb is I used when I make this dish. I say “marijuana”! They say “I know but what is the other herb?” There is no other herb. Cannabis and fish are a match made in heaven. The Gods know this and now you do too.

Note: the white fat that seeps out of the salmon during cooking is great for converting cannabis. That is why it is good to cover it with foil to help the sweating process.

P.S. this is a great way to also get medicine into sick cats and dogs but they don’t need very much. Please do so with kindness and careful discretion.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Hey thanks!

    ps. I am one of those that saturates their dosages…

  2. Anonymous on

    Here is one good way to enjoy edibles vegetarian way!! Sprinkle dried herb or cannabutter on your steamed aspargus. Butter your toast with cannbutter. grind your herb and use it as flour like watermelon recommends in any of your baking recipes. I like making bliss balls grinding together granola, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, chocolat and of course melted cannabutter. The possibilities are infinite and you only need a bit of daring and just commun sense. “baking a fool of myself” is a wonderful basic reference to have, it teaches you to be comfortable around cooking with the herb. Good luck!!

  3. Anonymous on

    Watermelon, you are awesome! Your ginger cookies made my 4/20 a blast. Keep on doing what you’re doing cause it’s working. Also, you’re f*cking gorgeous!

  4. Anony on

    Would you eat her? LOL ^_^

  5. Anony on

    Would you eat her? LOL ^_^

  6. Anonymous UK on

    (In keeping with the other rants ….)
    I prefer my high without the downer of killing a living creature – how about some vegetarian recipes ? The chef looks quite a dish though !!

  7. Anonymous on

    Dear B.C.,

    Screw you guys for being so close to the ocean.


    Lol. Sounds amazing. Will try this weekend. I imagine similar results with back ribs.