Power and Politics: Marc Emery vs. Rob Nicholson

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc Emery and MPs Ujjal Dosanjh and Libby Davies appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics to tell Canadian Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson, who also appeared on the show, to put a stop to Emery’s extradition to the US.

Yesterday, the Liberal Party’s Dosanjh, the NDP’s Davies and Conservative MP Scott Reid presented petitions to the House of Commons with over 12,000 signatures asking the Minister of Justice to refuse to sign papers sending Emery to the US for a five-year prison term for selling marijuana seeds on the Internet.

“None of what I am accused of doing, which is selling cannabis seeds over the Interent, harmed anyone,” Emery said. “These were all things done in a political context. I’ve run for election, since 1980, twelve times. […] There are levels of support in this country including the three previous mayors of Vancouver, Senator in the Senate, and certainly gracious members of the House of Commons who presented that petition yesterday.”

Dosanjh and Davies both spoke on Marc’s behalf and were followed by Justice Minister Nicholson, who refused to give a straight answer, and claimed that he had not seen the order yet.

“I will be making a decision in due course when it does arrive on my desk.” Nicholson said. “It may be part of the system, but it is not on my desk at the present time.”

CBC.ca conducted a poll during the broadcast with the question, “Should Marc Emery be handed over to the US?” By the end of the broadcast, 89% of respondents vote NO.

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  1. DiamondInDaRuff on

    you just cracked me up with your comment…canadian government really needs to take there mouth out of the USA’s titty…..USA’s titty…hahahahahahahaha…….non violent drug offender hippies are more dangerous for our society then perverted boy scout teachers(OR CATHOLIC PRIESTS) and bank robbers……hahahahahahahahahaha…..so freaking to the POINT!!!!! the only danger from a long haired hippie is that his/her hair may clog the shower drain…..hahahahahahahahahahahaha…..thanks for this post…you made me laugh…and boy, I could use a laugh these days……and for Marc, he is known world wide, loved world wide….what politician can say that…..hahahahahahahahahaha…best politician I know…..bet he can drum up more support than other politician on the planet……where is Osama Bin Laden…ain’t he the one we are supposed to be looking for?….

  2. DiamondInDaRuff on

    sorry posted to wrong window, my support is with you Dan…..be proud….My grandparents were from Canadian descent…love America and love Canada…..fighting the good non violent fight in Florida…keep your chin up…say no to human rights violations……thanks for giving us cannabis users a VOICE…!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DiamondInDaRuff on

    agree with you friend…..Boca Raton, Florida …..!!!!!

  4. Anonymous on

    Yes it was originally an American newspaper, I believe the wall street journal, that made up this name for him. He likes it, but he isn’t self-proclaimed.

  5. Anonymous on

    You might be a canadian citizen, too, since your mom was. Have you looked into this?

  6. Anonymous on

    i think we just need to legalize personal choices and freedoms. free marc emery

  7. USA RON on

    We will fight until death, our children will fight until death, their children will fight until death. They will not win! Stay faithfull to the cause Marc because you are our Leader…like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, and the great Sages of our time! We need you.

  8. Oklahaoma Nate on

    Brother, I am from Oklahoma and support you 100%. You Canadaians have True Freedom, and I am so proud to have you as our neighbors. Please keep up this fight daily and keep up your Leadership in our cause for FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and LIBERTY. I pray for you everynight, and this fight will be won by us! God Bless. You are are our faithfull leader in this movement! Love you and Jodie.

    Okie Nate.

  9. Willie Awesome on

    WOOPS! I missed that you had already put in a reply until it was too late, the internet has now taken my words and will not give them back.

    Sorry, my bad.

  10. Willie Awesome on

    Marc Emery has not served jail time in the United States. Many people seem to think he has, I`m curious to know where that information is coming from or if it`s just people confused due to the time he served at North Fraser.

    If you haven`t filled out a postcard, phoned the justice minister, e-mailed the justice minister, and told your mom to e-mail the justice minister. Do so please and thank you.

    Have fun smokin pot

  11. moldy on

    What’s wrong with a few bong rips before or on the show? Are you some moral policeman or something? If I was heading for an Amerikon prison I’d be doing rips before breakfast too! Gimme a break! JFC!

  12. Anthony L on

    probably she said that because he waited for like 15 minutes to answer 20 seconds worth of questions….

  13. Anonymous on

    You must be a fan of the current government system.

    What we need is politicians like Marc, to save the world.

  14. Squint on

    A- for message content and delivery on this critical matter. C- for appearance… maybe do fewer gravity bongs with breakfast before your next appearance.

    Heck with that big of a stoned squint, might as well rip a few bong hits live on the air and request some chill electronica beats to enhance your vibe.

  15. Drew Kj on

    I can’t believe this is still going on. The canadian government really needs to take there mouth out of the USA’s titty. Stand up for canadians don’t let the power hungry US push you around anymore. I love what Marc has done but there’s no way I want to pay for his ass to sit in a shitty prison w/ a bunch of crazy ppl. Our prisons are so crowded sending Marc over will just let a rapist get out of jail early… O well I guess non violent drug offender hippies are more dangerous for our society then perverted boy scout teachers and bank robbers.

    Wish you luck again. I know it will work out… we are very close to legalizing marijuana at least for medical use.

  16. The BalleeHoo on

    Actually Marc is the very man who would make a great politician. He stands up for people’s rights. As far as politicians respecting each other and not calling each other names? What hole have you been slithering around in? If you knew how much Marc has done, not only for the marijuana movement but many other causes, you would not be shooting your mouth off like a fucking idiot.


  17. The Balleehoo on

    This dude is a liar. He has the papers on his desk. If he doesn’t, then he must be living under a rock.
    Why can’t he just do the right thing? Politicians rarely do, especially when it comes to ”touchy” subjects. Hey hey!!
    Marc deserves a just trial HERE in his own country. All the rest is bullshit. Plain & Simple.

    If Marc is sent to the US, then we have kissed our civil rights good-bye. Marc is absolutely right, this whole thing is now a Bush-over.


  18. Anonymous on

    Politicians don’t call names… they respect one another. In the House where they are free from prosecution for slander etc etc…. they act nothing more like a bunch of kinder garden kids. If your portrayal of Marc is even remotely correct then he would fit right in. Myself and most likely you don’t know Marc so I can’t say what type of person he is. But he does bring much needed attention to a cause that I strongly agree with so…. Cheers to Marc

  19. Anonymous on

    Marc has been a politically active Libertarian for decades and has accomplished more REALsocial change in our country than any American President since Lincoln has done for the U.S. The reason he hasn’t had traditional political success is simply because he has refused to pander or play populist games like most politicians. Watch the documentary entitled, The Principles of Pot and then tell me isn’t the genuine article,

  20. Uncle-Bob100 on

    This is getting so old…people calling Marc Emery the “Self-Proclaimed Prince Of Pot”. As I understand it, Marc was originally called this name in the media. Give up on it already!

  21. Andrew H. on

    Marc is getting even more popular, more and more Canadians are going to know about this matter. we all need to fight and not give up. America thinks they own us……


  22. Anonymous on

    lol… listen to the tone she thanked rob nicholson with for “being patient” in answering like, three questions. she practically apologized to him for asking him questions!

  23. Anonymous on

    This guy Marc Emery is a terrible choice for a politician. You can’t be a childish self proclaimed prince and then decide you want to run for some office. What politicians would take this joker serious? Mr. Emery is clearly only out for fame and money and does not have enough class to be a politician. The idea of a guy becoming a politician who often acts like a high school kid is ridiculous. Who would respect Emery? Most politicians respect each other and don’t call names. Mr. Emery is not fit to be a high school class president! I can see why many people in canada don’t want him to represent them. Mr Emery is a self centered ego maniac. You people who follow him must be just a childish as he is.

    If Mr Emery is the prince then the king must be a comedian!

  24. Matt on

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU Mark for all you have done for the marijuana prohibition. I hope the Canadian Govt does not harm another family with their Losing war on drugs. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  25. Dan on

    I am a US citizen (no longer proud of my nation-it has become a power hungry world monopolizer, as I am sure everyone knows). My mother is still a Canadian citizen, and I am very proud of my Canadian roots! Anyway, I would like to say that even entertaining the thought of extradition (for Marc Emery) is a travesty of justice, especially considering that the US’s “War on Drugs” is such a laughable miserable failure resulting in untold unnecessary deaths & imprisonments. If anyone believes that he should be prosecuted in the US, they should check into the nearest asylum for the criminally ignorant! There are MANY people just like me in the US, the attitudes of our government DO NOT reflect the opinion of our citizens as a whole at all! (our government hasn’t been “by the people, for the people” for a century or more-more obvious information). I, for one, agree that the Canadian government needs to take a stand against its US counterpart, if they do not, it may set a precedent to allow this type of mafioso strongarming to continue. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE “WORLDWIDE BULLIES” THAT THE US HAS BECOME! – Thank you -DD (Ohio)

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”

  26. PaulD on

    Rob Nicholson reminds me of George Costanza here.

  27. jodie on

    Marc has not been to the USA. He spent time in Canadian pretrial before getting out on bail, and we wait every day for the decision about the extradition…

  28. Dave on

    While promoting bill c-15 Nicholson said their polls indicate that Canadians support that draconian bill. Canadians are now saying they don’t support Mr. Emery’s extradition; will Nicholson go against the wishes of 90% of Canadians?

  29. Manga-Larga on

    Let me see if I understand: Nicholson was invited to a TV program to talk about Emery, but he has not studied the case? What a f**** incompetent!!!

  30. Kevin Kneeland on

    I hope your Government kicks the U.S. attack dogs in the teeth!

  31. jon on

    Marc did some time already in the usa haha

  32. slade420 on

    She asked, should marc be sent BACK to the states. Hes not from there, what a bitch