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Some highlights from four decades of work by the New Democratic Party to end Canada's war on marijuana. 1971: NDP introduces bill to decriminalize marijuana possession after Liberals ignore the recommendations of the LeDain Commission Report. 1978: NDP Convention passes policy resolution calling for decriminalization of marijuana. 1980: NDP Leader Ed Broadbent calls for decriminalization of marijuana during the 1980 election campaign.

CANNABIS CULTURE - The Conservative-controlled federal government may be doing everything it can to crack down on Canada's cannabis community, but pot-lovers and anti-prohibitionists aren't taking it sitting down. This month has seen some major wins for North Of The Border bud-smokers.

CANNABIS CULTURE - New Democrats voted at their convention to support Vancouver's supervised injection site, and called for a drug policy based on "a non-criminal, regulatory approach to substance use."

CANNABIS CULTURE - This year's 4/20 rally in Vancouver was arguably the largest in size and scope the city has ever seen. It was also the most political, with organizers and speakers focused on one important message: voting Stephen Harper and Conservatives out of power in the May 2 federal election.

Libby Davies and 12 of her NDP Colleagues sent the following letter to Canada's Public Safety Minister, calling for action to ensure Marc Emery can serve his sentence in Canada.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery has been held in solitary confinement in an American prison for unknowingly breaking an apparently unwritten rule by having his wife record a phone conversation for publication as an online podcast, which was never released.
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