WEEK THREE: Marc Emery Held in Solitary Confinement

CANNABIS CULTURE – Imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery has been held in solitary confinement in an American prison for unknowingly breaking an apparently unwritten rule by having his wife record a phone conversation for publication as an online podcast, which was never released.

Click here to read Jodie Emery’s blog about her first visit with Marc.

[UPDATE: Marc is now in his THIRD WEEK of solitary confinement in a US prison! He has been denied telephone calls to his lawyer, even though that is supposed to be a prisoner right. He asks for the phone call every day, and has been denied every time. Luckily he is still getting mail – find out how to send it to him here.]

On Thursday, June 3, officials at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in the Washington gave Emery an official citation for allowing his wife, BC Green Party Director-at-Large Jodie Emery, to record a message from him over the phone, claiming it broke the prison’s rule forbidding third-party calls. Emery was locked in a Segregated Housing Unit (SHU) and denied access to books, television, the telephone or contact with his wife and family. He will remain in the SHU until the prison holds an internal “disciplinary hearing” at an undetermined future date.

Emery’s attorney Rick Troberman was allowed a brief visit on Tuesday, June 8 and said Marc has been locked in a very small for cell for 24 hours a day since Thursday, and could be there for a lot longer.

“We don’t know how long he will be in there,” Troberman said. “It’s frustrating because he certainly didn’t intend to break any rules and he’s been doing everything he can to comply with the rules. [Recording podcasts] was something that he did regularly while in custody in Canada and there was never a problem with it. No one told him he couldn’t do it here and as soon as he was told it was a violation of the rules he immediately sent a message to Jodie and told her not to broadcast it and she didn’t.”

Emery’s wife Jodie says she is devastated she hasn’t been able to talk to Marc for almost a week.

“It’s horrible not hearing from my beloved husband, not knowing what’s going on, when I’ll be in touch with him next,” she wrote in a recent blog post at Cannabis Culture. “And the solitary confinement is just the period where he waits for the punishment to be determined, as if it’s not punishment enough! They can take away phone, email, AND visits.”

Libby Davies, New Democratic Party MP for Vancouver East, sent a letter to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon today (read letter below) asking him to intervene to ensure that the rights and safety of Emery, as a Canadian citizen, are being respected. Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal MP for Vancouver South and member of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights, also expressed concern about Emery’s treatment.

“Marc should have access to consular officials and they should be vigilant in protecting Marc’s rights under law in the US,” said Ujjal Dosanjh, Liberal MP for Vancouver South. “Here you have a man who has pleaded guilty to charges that would never be laid against him in this country, our police forces have facilitated his arrest and extradition to the US for crimes we would never prosecute him for here, and now for essentially making a telephone call to his supporters he has been put in solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is for serious disciplinary transgressions, not for something that you do when you don’t even know it is against the rules. Our government should be speaking to US authorities to have Emery sentenced as early as possible and then bring him home to serve his sentence.”

Troberman said he though the punishment was unfair considering the circumstances.

“It seems to me that this is a completely overblown reaction,” he said. “There was nothing in the conversation that was derogatory about the Federal Detention Center or his current situation or anything else. Why they’re choosing to make such a big deal of it is, frankly, a mystery to me.”

Before he was put in solitary, Emery managed to send an ’email’ through CorrLinks, a Bureau of Prisons messaging system, to his wife saying that he had read all the prison rules and that they didn’t mention anything about recording phone calls.

“There’s nothing in my rule book that says you can’t record my calls, so I thought it was OK,” Emery wrote in a message published in his wife’s blog post.

Emery is to remain in solitary confinement until his disciplinary hearing, where he will be given further punishment, which could mean the revoking of privileges or more time in the SHU. Emery is not entitled to a lawyer during a disciplinary action.

Emery is currently awaiting sentencing after being extradited to the US by the Conservative government of Canada. Emery was raided and arrested by the US DEA and Vancouver police in 2005 for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet and using the money to fund activism. He agreed to a 5-year plea deal in exchange for his two co-accused receiving probation in Canada. After sentencing, Emery will apply for transfer to Canada for the remainder of his sentence. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews will decide if Emery will be allowed to come home.

Click here to listen to episodes of Marc Emery’s Prison Podcast

Click here to read Marc Emery’s Prison Blog

Letter From NDP MP Libby Davies to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

June 8, 2010

The Honourable Lawrence Cannon
Minister of Foreign Affairs
418 N Centre Block
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

Dear Minister Cannon,

I write to ask for your immediate intervention into the seemingly harsh treatment of a Canadian citizen currently serving a sentence at the SeaTac Federal Detention Centre in Seattle, Washington.

Since Thursday, June 3, Marc Emery of British Columbia, has been in solitary confinement awaiting disciplinary action for having recorded a conversation he had with his wife, in what amounts to a phone interview for his own internet blog.

Mr. Emery took all reasonable steps to be informed of all the rules and regulations that apply to him in his current circumstances. He was never provided the information that having a conversation recorded is against the rules. It is unreasonable that Mr. Emery be denied access to phones, books, writing materials and contact with his family for an undetermined amount of time. It is unfair that further disciplinary measures are also being considered.

I have written your government on several occasions to express my opposition to sending any Canadian to a US prison for actions that don’t merit prosecution under Canadian laws. Having taken this rare step, Canada has a unique responsibility to Mr. Emery.

I ask that your office take all necessary steps to act immediately to ensure Mr. Emery’s rights are being respected and safety protected, including his release from solitary confinement.


Libby Davies MP Vancouver East



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  2. Mrs. Rat'sRectum on

    This muscle flexing has gone on long enough. It’s time to let Marc out already, with time served. Let’s just suppose there are states in the U.S. in which cannabis establishments sell dried cannabis, clones, plants, and viable cannabis seeds. Like California, let’s say. Nobody in this day and age is rounding up the owners or general managers of these places. The charges for this conviction go back before the turn in policy on cannabis in the U.S. In fact, many other countries allow the sales of viable cannabis seeds. Nobody from those countries is being extradited to the U.S. for seeds, though, or it’s just not in the news. DEA, you’ve made your point, you can get anyone you want and you like to give payback for whatever reason you devise.

    Get something moving on this to get Marc out. Have the prime time news shows do their own spots on this, with the conclusion that he needs to be let out, rest of his sentence stayed or for time already served.

  3. Dale allo on

    Three weeks in solitary for breaking an unwritten rule. The recording was never even played to the public this is just terrible news i hope we can find a way to beat these people. Now with the spread of media it is a great opportunity to share this with the world because it seems the only way to get anything done is when the world stands against it. myself i dont have the courage that marc has i just wish that marijuana would be legalized so i can grow. i think the best thing everyone can do to help out is to just spread the word

  4. Emerald-Sun on

    This only pisses me off and enourages me to be more active.
    Im an American that is sending money to Cannabis Culture for advertising now.
    I pulled my advertising from other ganja sources, and Im sending it to CC now!

    Much love Marc and Jodie! Stay strong!

  5. Anonymous on

    Unless “midnight toker” is your legal name dude, you’re just as “anonymous” as the rest of us. Feel free to remain silent…

  6. Anonymous on

    I don’t hear any whining, but I do peg YOU as a pathetic COWARD.

  7. The BallyHoo on

    Jodie, the guy who you responded to was asking if Marc had a choice, he wasn’t spreading false info. He was asking a question. I think you over-reacted to that one. He startts off with ” Is it true…….” !!


  8. Anonymous on

    quit the pathetic whining, you 2 didnt run when it was time… so stupid!
    and if u still didnt figure it out, marc will be punished as long as he doesnt STFU(again so stupid that u cant figure that out yourself)!!!

  9. MidnightToker on

    Marc was never given the option of serving his time in Canada – in fact, the US government offered to let Marc serve his time in Canada, but the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT wouldn’t allow it to happen.

    TWIT! sowing your bad seed won’t help :p

  10. MidnightToker on

    someone who remains anonomous, should also remain silent . . .

  11. HEAD4MARK on

    Truly CANADA NOR USA are free!! (NO WHERE IS TRULY “FREE” IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT!) They are BOTH truly run by UK frok my many years of studies etc (aka royal bloodlines that intermarry) anyhow, The REAL POINT HERE is that I spent 33 days in usa Jail in 2002. I learned my lesson and realized HOW MESSED UP AND TERRIBLE AND UNFAIR the usa justice system IS!! I KNOW FIRST HAND~ IT IS racist, INHUMANE!, OVERCROWDED,EVIL, and they (Guards->MOST!)( are EXTREMELY MEAN to all inmates (people like Marc EVEN MORE SO!) HE IS a polictical prisoner OF COURSE!! USA IS not even governed “FULLY ANYMORE” under the CONSTITUTION NOR BILL OF RIGHTS.. It is now goverened under the NORTH AMERICAN UNION BILL as is CANADA AND MEXICO!(and many other bills have been placed in secret by “EXECUTIVE ORDERS BY BUSH AND OBAMA” (AND EVEN CLINTON ETC!) The North American Union bill put in place on 06-06-2006 (yeah interesting date) IN SECRET by G W BUSH. This bill, (NOW RATIFIED BY USA CONGRESS, MEXICO< AND CANADA makes the THREE countries in LAW ONE now (ONE MILITARY, AND SOON ONE CURRENCY WILL APPEAR ETC AKA-> SEE EUROPEAN UNION!!) .. It ALSO GREATLY REDUCES the power of the FORMER doucments of “FREEDOM” WE DID HAVE and takes away MANY MORE of our FORMER rights as well including further infringing (BIG TIME!) upon our personal lives, WORLDWIDE! IN A BIG WAY!! Things are going downhill in all aspects in usa/world NOW.
    AND DO NOT EVER EXPECT HUMANE TREATMENT IN A USA JAIL, SADLY! ITS SURVICE AND GET BY!!!JUSTICE FOR THE COMMON MAN IS LOST FOR THE MOST PART (IT ONLY EXISTS FOR THE BLUE BLOODED PRIVALAGED UPPER CLASS (WITH LOTS OF $$$$$)!!) Who DO have a SEPARATE justice system all together! AS WELL as BETTER FED PRISONS ETC! ) My short stay in a state prison will be one I shall NEVER FORGET, THE DIRTIEST PLACE ON EARTH, 90% Blacks (I am white so I was alone!) and they laughed at me (GUARDS AND NURSES) as I had MULTIPLE seizures from being YANKED off my LEGAL RX MEDICINES (A NORMAL PRACTICE BTW! NO MATTER WHAT MED, THEY DO NOT CARE!! NO OPIATES, NO BENZOS ETC!PERIOD! AND NO HUMANE DETOX!)(KLONOPIN)or CLONAZAPAM I was on(a highly addictive ANTI ANXIETY MEDICINE I WAS ON FOR TEN + YEARS!)I SUFFERED DAY AND NIGHT ALONE, had severe Seizure(S) with NO medical help!)and went through SEVERE withdrawal “cold turkey” for WEEKS, they gave me some ADVIL and locked me up 23&1/2 hours EVERY DAY for the first seven days, then put me into a cell block where I was the ONLY WHITE MAN (I AM NOT RACIST AT ALL!!!-> BUT, IN JAIL, I KNOW, ITS EACH RACE TO THEM SELVES!) (AND THAT WAS NOT FUN, THOUGH I AM SMART AND SURVIVED and TODAY I am a better, good, spiritual person and ONLY by my own choices!!! (As Jail IS a place where MOST learn to be a better criminal (aka REVOLVING DOOR BS!) yet I learned how INJUSTICE plagues this country in SO MANY WAYS!) ITS SAD!! (AS MARC WILL TO!!) Expect the worst, PRAY FOR THE BEST I AM WITH YOU, GOD BLESS… ~Cosmic~

  12. Anonymous on

    “Can you imagine what would be published all over the net if all inmates were allowed to speak out to the world.”?

    What’s the significance of this? Furthermore, which law prohibits this?

  13. Jodie on

    Canada is not nearly as free as people think. It’s much more conservative and backwards than most know, and heading downhill fast.

    Don’t condemn our American brothers and sisters. They suffer much worse than we do and need our help, and they fight for freedom just as much as we do but under much more difficult circumstances.

    Marc has thousands of American supporters. Don’t mess that up for Marc with your negative comments towards them!

  14. persecutedinalberni on

    Well one thing for sure I refuse to enter any country that would put a man away for 5yrs or more for selling seeds because any such country would be far from a free country.

    I would never enter a country that is allways bragging it is the land of the free and the land of the brave while the whole time it is actually the land of the notsofree and the notsobrave.

    I don’t go anywhere because I live in the freest and most beautiful place on the face of this planet and I think I will stay right here and and defend my countries freedom and kick some sick evil people out of my paradise.

    Like I keep saying folks they will not let him speak out about the guy in Alberni who was persecuted because Marc might ask you all to stop assuming he is insane and start actually listening to what he is saying America did to him.

    Don’t bring the race thing into this lol that’s funny sorry dude but the hatered race thing has allways come along with the hate on marijuana.I figure most know this.

    A black man can walk free and proud in this country for who he is but I cannot walk free and proud for who I am,I can still be arrested for it not by the colour of my skin I carry but for the plant I carry.

    What I was saying is when I saw all those blacks on the news saying how happy they were a black is finaly president and we are much freer now I thought fuck you and your idea of freedom America.

    You are still tyrannts only the colour of the puppet has changed only to put on a show to “PUSH” the word “CHANGE” on the masses to fool us all once again.

  15. Anonymous on

    Here in the “Divided States of America”, the only Constitutional Rights (which by the way was written on hemp paper) that we have left anymore is “The right to remain silent” (but only if you speak up and invoke whats left of that right) and “The right to have an attorny present during questioning” Hang in there Jodie and Mark. My church congregation will keep prayin for ya from here.

  16. Andrew Burgess on

    “And BIG BUSINESS … will come in cuz they have the money and land and wipe all the small businesses out.”

    That’s good. Pot growers have had a free ride and now it’s over. They’ve been selling something that’s as hard to grow as tomatoes for several thousand times the price due to prohibition. When prohibition ends the windfall profits end.

    “This really is the last mom and pop business and needs to stay that way”

    It’s not the last. It’s just that it’s time has come.

    “it’s the backbone of the economy.”

    Small businesses are the backbone but individual businesses don’t live forever.

    Growing cannabis is about to enter the realm of home gardening or home brewing. Wonderful!

  17. dragonflygirl on

    and has been for quite some time. I’m an OMMP card holder. :]

  18. dragonflygirl on

    Dear Jodi,
    You have to get tough. You must develop the skin of a rhinoceros. You have to do damage control. You have allowed the Drug Nazi’s to get under your skin; this is not Canada. This is America. She is hard and cold in her “justice” system. Do not think that we Americans have the rights that we used to. We do not. Those rights started to evaporate under Nixon, and have continued apace through the Obama administration.
    There is one Helluva lot of money on the line, here. America is very close to facism, and law enforcement is deified and worshipped here. A badge is carte blanche, for murder, mayhem and corruption. There are many fine officers who are great, but they are few and far between, these days.
    You absolutely have to understand what you are dealing with, here. You are dealing with a nation that incarcerates over 25% of it’s population, and is busily making more laws to fill the privately built Haliburton prisons.
    You cannot be silent, but you must be ready to bleed.
    This is going to be a brutal, and bloody fight, with very real consequences. If you are willing to become a warrior, if you are willing to be vocal, to rationally and loudly proclaim your beliefs, you have a damned good chance. Obama et al are very sensitive at this point to world condemnation.
    Reach back in history to all the righteous women who have come before, Queen Zuzanna, Boudicca of the Iceni, to the suffregettes, you can do it. There is nothing tougher than a woman defending those she loves.
    Get mean, get loud, and get going!
    You have lots of support.

  19. Donna Kasprzak on

    I think marijuana should be left illegal, but not prosecuted…except for fines, possibly heavy fines if abused, some jail (like white collar crime). The reason why is that if they totally legalize it, it will be traded as a commotity like corn, wheat. And BIG BUSINESS like pharmacutical companies, philip morris, large agra-businesses, anheuser-busch, will come in cuz they have the money and land and wipe all the small businesses out. This really is the last mom and pop business and needs to stay that way, it’s the backbone of the economy. I think they should allow clubs to open like in Amsterdamn, don’t have smoking clubs in California, can’t socialize with like-minded people. California’s program currently is good, it’s illegal, but legal. The cops around here look bored.

  20. Donna Kasprzak on

    As a nursing and medical student and a POT USER FOR 20 years (only drug I use, no alcohol, tobaccoo, etc.), I am outraged and disgusted by the DEA’s ruling. The DEA is soooo uneducated about medical issues. Pot has been recognized by the AMA-American Medical Association for it’s medicinal healing properties. I believe it was also finally recognized by the College of Surgeons. This huge in the medical field. Also, Marinol was just bought out by Abbott Labrotories, (headquatered out of Chicago-where Obama is from). I don’t understand how someone can be imprisoned when the medical community is recognizing it’s many uses. Plus, countless states, have medical marijuana intiatives in place. Michigan is right next to Illinois, where Obama is from, like 50 miles….I have lived in Florida, Wisconsin, grew up in Chicago.Moved out of IL 2 yrs ago to move to Vancouver, BC, for better laws, had problems with immigration paperwork, then moved to Oregon, and am now here in California. Everywhere I have lived there are an abundance of pot smokers and hippies. Oregon is also well on it’s way to becoming a med state. Also everywhere I have been there has been a rash of meth users and hard drug/ alcohol users. I have read the study they did on marijuana, and why they think they need to keep in the DEA category with hard drugs, and the study is severly flawed. The test subjects, did other drugs besides marijuana, like alcohol and hard drugs, and they used Marinol, not smoking marijuana, which has a completely different effect, than the pill. Marinol only gives you half the effect and is like 800 times concentrated than smoking. Smoking can’t be duplicated in the lab cuz so complex reaction in body. Like a double reaction. humans have many receptors in brain, deep in brain, for smoked marijuana, as well as in spleen, and white blood cells. Marijuana uses some of the heroin receptors in brain. So good for treating heroin, arthritis, cachexia (can’t swallow), anxiety, seizures, depression, people who can’t get arroused sexually, eating disorders, it has helped me lose weight, as well as helped people gain weight. It really is a wonder drug and that is why they want it illegal. It helped me stop smoking tobacco products, and stop drinking. If it was not for marijuana, I would be dead right now. Plus it does not cause cancer like tobacco as it burns at a much slower temperature. I am upset you were sent to prison for something so stupid, when this drug helps countless people. I honestly think you should use a Chicago attorney, and contact Chicago politicians, since Chicago is a town of who you know and political favors. WGN news comes out of Chicago. Start with Rahm Emmanuel, Lisa Madigan, Dick Durbin, Richard Daley (longshot), Oprah. McDonalds is out of chicago and they provide the food in prison, boycott the food providers, ike HOT POCKETS, McDONALDS. They have turned the American prison system private, so all these companies profit of throwing people in jail. I have been boycotting since being throwin in Vancouver Jail for immigration, they have weaseled there way into canada. I am absolutely against privatizing prisons, they are out to make money, and don’t care about prisoners. The USA is so screwed up, the lobbyists are taking over everything, and making peoples lives here miserable. They don’t work for the people they work for profit. Obama could have been a better president if he started with campaign finance reform, not taking lobbyist money. In California, they want to tax heavily any donations from a lobbyist, so maybe one day the politicains will work for the people again. I will pray for you and help get word out. Don’t question yourself, you are doing so much good. Read this book by Bill Moher from PBS, The Secret Government, has to do with Bob Marley’s fight with the government. Good Medicine, Great Sex by David R. Ford, he is out of San Francisco area, Marijauna and Madness, can read scrrewed up study. Free Marc!

  21. Lee on

    Stay on course, do not give up, do not give in. Your fight is Marc’s fight.It will be very difficult, and it is. You took up your husband’s cause, it became yours. He will come home. You have a support system in place. DEA wants their pound of flesh. Stay strong for Marc. Let the Nay sayers do their trip. Words can and sometimes do hurt. You have to stay on track, for you, for Marc.

  22. Anonymous on

    You did a lot of time – it couldn’t have been for just selling seeds. Given that you didn’t learn your lesson the first time one has to wonder if you see things as they really are. Emery has the most to fear from other inmates. If he is civil to the guards and staff they will be civil to him. the one thing he shouldn’t do is become an informer on anyone.

    Your notion that the guards are out to get you is over the top. Youspent over 5 years in jail on two occasions — the authorities didn’t do that to you — you did that to yourself.

  23. Anonymous on

    I don’t understand why Marc did not understand that his phone calls were not to be “directed t a third person”?

    Can you imagine what would be published all over the net if all inmates were allowed to speak out to the world. The prison authorities do not want that to happen. It’s clear that when you are an inmate that your civil rights are drasically curtailed. It’s also common sense to understand that neither US or Canadian authorities want Marc speaking out. The podcast was just too cute — they were letting his emails go out — but they can redact them or stop them. I’ll wager the conservative Canadian Gov’t won’t say a word about it.

  24. Anonymous on

    Sure, whatever you say. Yawn. That makes no sense to me at all. Marc Emery could have eaten his “cake” but instead shared it.

    Now, others are coming through for him so he can eat it as a free man.

    You might not notice us, we’re the ones that give him hope. Try doing the same.

  25. Anonymous on

    Oh, and you call Obama a nigger and bring the race card into this? You are an imbecile and should not own a computer.

    “They gave us a line of shit by pretending the HATE is over now because a black man is in the house,like as if the world was gonna be a better place now because of his black ass.”

    No, with folks like you around the hate lives on. You make pondscum look good. I hope you stay in Canada.

  26. Vivian M. on

    Wow, if that’s how you feel, this American who was protesting at both the Federal Building in Seattle and the Federal Courthouse when Marc was brought here should just walk away and leave it all up to you holier than thou Canadians, eh?

    Only a nitwit would characterize this struggle as America against Canada.

  27. Anonymous on

    whats up vicder

  28. Anonymous on

    I truly feel for you and Marc, Mrs. Emery. The so-called “crimes” that your husband may have committed should never have led to his imprisonment. The arrogance of my government to attempt to assert its own laws on other sovereign nations is appalling. Please try to keep the faith because there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. If the voters of California are successful this year at legalizing cannabis in California then that will force the federal government to reassess its policies. I just wish I lived in California so I could add my vote to the effort. I can also say that the anit-incumbent sentiment that is felt by many across this country will probably lead to many of the people supporting the injustices against your husband to lose their jobs this November. The American people are fed-up with beaurocrats that only listen to the corporations and put their profits ahead of the well-being of the general public. Please try to stay strong and know that you and Marc are in the thoughts and prayers of many people.

    As for this “anonymous” person that’s giving false information, don’t worry too much about him or people like him. The government will fail miserably in their attempts to misinform the public as the truth is too strong to be defeated by such tactics. I must apologize for remaining anonymous myself but legal issues I’m facing prevent me from posting on sights like this using my real name as I don’t want to give the authorities any more ammunition than they already think they have. Again, you and your husband are in our thoughts and prayers, and remember that God allowed Satan to punish Job greatly before finally rewarding his faith.

  29. Anonymous on

    Oh and free that canuck! We love him!

  30. Anonymous on

    Dude get a grip!
    Your country is a puppet too!
    Slay americans? WTF?
    Somebody ban this fool!

  31. Adam on

    “He chose to plead guilty so his friends didn’t end up in jail along with him. He should get all the respect in the world for that alone.”

    That’s about the first thing I try to explain to people who have that wrong. Good for you, glad you didn’t forget it. Don’t let anyone else forget it!

    Michelle has Chrohn’s Disease and uses medical marijuana to cope. Without it, her pain would be unbearable. I’ve read her description of the pain a while back and I had no idea Chrohn’s could be like that. If marijuana kept me from feeling that way, I would do anything for pot activism, except going to jail. It could have killed her. Many medical pot patients die in jail, especially in the U.S., and Marc had no reason to expect otherwise for her.

  32. Adam on

    Totally. And if you had $4 million worth of cake, gave ALL of that cake away to further your own cause, while trading what remained to survive, only to need more cake in order to mount a proper legal defence (since we have a cake-based economy this makes perfect sense), you would have NO cake at all. And at this point in time I find the suggestion that Marc Emery is anywhere near cake just plain offensive.

  33. Anonymous on

    Okay, maybe he wouldn’t go around arresting Jews if they were made illegal – he’s more like Goebbels, then.

  34. Anonymous on

    Why is Marc in solitary confinement and not BP?

  35. Jodie on

    Marc did NOT choose to go to the USA! The Canadian government rejected the offer that the US government made for Marc to stay in Canada. Marc agreed to that deal, but Canada’s government said NO! And Marc doesn’t have any assets or property to be seized, that was never a factor in this, and totally irrelevant. If he had any property, it could still be seized by Canadian or US officials, but he has nothing, so they have taken nothing.

    The Vancouver police investigated Marc in 2003, unknown to us. The BC Crown refused to go ahead with charges. The Vancouver police then worked with the DEA and had Marc busted in 2005. In 2008, the USA offered a plea deal for Marc to spend 10 years IN CANADA but ONLY if the Canadian government agreed to charge Marc in Canada. Marc agreed to that deal, the USA agreed to that deal, but the Canadian government did NOT agree, so the USA then came up with an offer for 5 years in the USA, which was Marc’s only choice (other than going to trial).

    So you’re lying. Why would you spread that misinformation? Marc did NOT choose to go to the USA rather than Canada. That’s nonsense.

    I think this is one of those people the Federal Government of Canada hired to post on websites — it’s in the news, look it up. Trolls have been taught to go post on social networking and news websites with misinformation designed to mislead other people. This guy is a federal rat.

  36. plink on

    I take your entire statement as a ‘representative’ reason of why people are forced into places like solitary confinement. ‘Cause of cunts with hangups like you.

    You’ll still be depressed now that he’s in confinement, you’ll still waffle the same shit! And who will Marc Emery be? The Prince of Pot!

    if an ostrich buries its head in the sand, you can’t lift yours out of the shit.

    Take a valium, cunts still won’t want to listen to ya, but at least you won’t care you fuck.

  37. Anonymous on

    Let the fiends put the good man in solitary. You keep a man from his wife & you’ll pay. They think they’rwe righteous. HA! We all sooner or later stand naked before our maker. We all sooner or later are judged for our actions. They’ll all pay for eternities over the coals with ’em! HA!

  38. Chris Bennett on

    Simple ruth tells simple lies, Marc did not have a choice to be charged in Canada, the crown refused to place the original charges and the VPD reported back to the US DEA against a Canadian citizen and they arranged for US charges to be laid. Further a private citizen tried to get Canadian charges laid and that was refused as well.

    Simple Truth, I challenge you to come out of your closet, say who you are and offer evidence of your claims….

  39. Anonymous on

    He had no option to be charged in Canada because Canada doesn’t have the same laws etc that the US does…..here he faced a $200 fine, there he faced life in prison. This was a DEA operation that was allowed to happen in Canada. He chose to plead guilty so his friends didn’t end up in jail along with him. He should get all the respect in the world for that alone.

    This should never have happened in the first place since we are supposedly a sovereign nation. But of course that is coming to an end with the North American Union. This is a test case to allow further cases to be brought against more Canadians. Pretty soon we will all be faced with the possibility of spending time in US prisons based on bullshit charges that are not supposed to apply to us. Enjoy the New World Order!

  40. Historicus on

    US law falsely claims: “Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, §812(c), based on its high potential for abuse, no accepted medical use, and no accepted safety for use in medically supervised treatment, §812(b)(1). This classification renders the manufacture, distribution, or possession of marijuana a criminal offense. §§841(a)(1), 844(a). Pp. 6—11.”
    source: http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/03-1454.ZS.html

    Millions have been arrested since DHHS applied for 2003 US Patent No. 6630507 in 1999, despite the title* of that federal document . . .

    Wait, what’s DHHS? At the top of this page:
    http://supersoberme.com has a direct link to the feedback page of the US Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency that was issued 2003 US Patent No. 6630507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”, linked here:
    * source: http://tinyurl.com/classactionlawsuit

    Don’t just blog. Free Marc Emery:

    DHHS should remove raw cannabis from scheduling, it’s healthy food regardless of THC content and belongs untaxed as such. Artificial and manufactured cannabinoids may be appropriately listed in Schedule V.

    Correspondence to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Or, call the Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

    Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line – 202-353-1555

    E-mails to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to [email protected]

    Here is the White House contact page:


    Contact them respectfully and challenge their false claims directly.

    Better yet, get your lawyers to file suit. Drug War IS crime.


    Canada refused to procecute Marc, thats why he is in the US. DAMN, READ SOME ARTICLES ON THIS SITE! Read Marcs bio, Jodies bio, the forums. You want to do something, start with reading something and stop relying on anomymous to give you information.

  42. Anonymous on

    Emery fully disclosed and it seems clear he chose to plead guilty under duress, just as Tommy Chong had years before. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I think the property claims are bunk, also.

    As for the rest of your “info”, you can have your cake and eat it too by not eating all the cake at once.

    In fact, you can have your cake, eat it and give it away.

    Simple truth, indeed. Free Marc Emery.

  43. Anonymous on

    Is it true that Marc had a choice about where he spent his time???

    It completely changes everything if this is true? Jodie? Anybody? I want to see news sources or something that can verify this.

    I thought he was fighting a sentence in US prisons all along, but if what this poster is saying is true (and I highly doubt it) it throws a completely different light on Marc Emery’s situation. This whole complaint about solitary confinment and “not knowing” about the rules against recorded phone calls has me questioning my own concern for Marc’s plight. I do support him and I do support legalization, but these sorts of details are important.

    Right now I’m personally thinking about other things I can do to support the end of prohibition other than supporting Marc Emery. So it’s important to know what the truth is.

  44. the simple truth - try truth for once instead of spin on

    Marc chose to serve his time in the USA. He had the option to be charged in Canada and not have to go to the USA, but decided that he preferred to serve his time in the USA, because he didn’t want to have his property in Canada seized under proceeds of crime laws.
    He doesn’t deserve to be in prison for pot – no one does, really – but he chose to plead guilty and to serve his time in the USA, so how can anyone protest about his choices? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    And you don’t hear him or his followers sharing this info with the public.

    [Editor’s Note: This poster is full of crap. This is totally incorrect information. Marc was never given the option of serving his time in Canada – in fact, the US government offered to let Marc serve his time in Canada, but the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT wouldn’t allow it to happen. Marc will be fighting for a Treaty Transfer once he is sentenced in hopes that he might be able to serve his time in Canada, but the Conservatives are unlikely to approve.]

  45. Bobbie on

    It’s so sad that this is happening to such a good person. But in the “good ol” USA it is standard practice for local, state and federal governments to make laws that know one knows about, then ruins the lives of people for breaking them, even though they don’t know about them. Government says, “It’s every citizens responsibility to know the law” but it’s all a bunch of bullshit and a rouse to keep the Nazi-esque US Law Regime alive and prosperous. How the hell can anyone with a sane mind expect anyone to know ALL of the thousands and thousands of laws on the books? It’s impossible! That’s why we have lawyers! And mind you, I have seen first-hand how this legal machine works and the cops, lawyers, judges and prison systems are all working together, along with the politicians, to keep the Prison Industrial Complex alive and well. It’s the New Slavery System and the rest of us are sitting here either stupid as cows or frustrated and unable to do anything about it. The USA has definitively become the new Nazi Regime in so many ways. It’s very scary.

  46. persecutedinalberni on

    Just like with what they are doing to me,they know I need a few hundred grand to clear my name and prove what they did to me so I will use every means I can to prove how they treat me.

    I use camcorders,taperecorders/laptops and PC’s to get out the word on what they do to me so I can expose them all to you the people.

    All my movements are monitored and my phone calls recorded and I am followed where ever I go on the internet and these people will screw me over when ever they can.

    They now know that when ever they come near me or say anything to me it is posted on the net for others to see what they do to me and this sends fear into them because they are corrupt and know what they do is WRONG.

    They know I will use these things to prove it and they will try to stop it when they can,if they had their way a doctor would have insisted I be not given access to the internet.

    They would arrest me if they could for even just mentioning what they did to me,they want me to accept what they did to me lol that’s so funny.

    They knew Marc and jodie would record it before Marc even got to Scumerica so it was all just a trap,they knew they would record so how hard is it to simply say “no recording”.

    They did it on purpose they set it all up to do this to him,I cannot imagine the other crimes against him they have planned,how many more traps do they have set for him?.

    This is nothing but bullshit and ment to get us all to hate the americans even more than we do now.

    Today I am painting up one more GOOGLE MARC EMERY sign for my weekly weekend two hour protest but I am wondering do I need to resort to other signs instead like “AMERICANS GO HOME”.?

    Oh right they are home after all this is their country and we are all americans or at least you are I am not,that’s why I am out there on that highway every weekend so I can show anerican that I AM CANADIAN.

    I will fight for my freedom with my signs, I am willing to use other weapons to get it done but I need support just like you do to get it done.

    Just say the word and I will put down my signs and pick up my weapons to slay any american that chooses to think my country can be invaded without a fight.

    It was all just a trap and if Mr obama was in charge of his country he would order Marc released back to Canada but he is nothing but a puppet that answers to the elite hitlers who are the one who ordered this upon Marc.

    We all listened to Mr obama give us his line of bullshit when he rambled on about making “CHANGE” can you beleive?,change what? the line of bullshit maybe.

    When I heard him talk of change I right away started to imagine bcbud in my greenhouse and hemp in any other free area of my yard.

    They gave us a line of shit by pretending the HATE is over now because a black man is in the house,like as if the world was gonna be a better place now because of his black ass.

    Well to you mister obama all I can say is that as long as I am a criminal for growing and smoking the plant god gave us then you will allways be just a “_igger” for the skin god gave you.

    So I think you know what I am saying,can’t even say the n word these days but you can take away a white man for selling seeds and no I ain’t being racist.

    Untill cannabis is legal then hatred and war will allways be present on this planet and the elite will continue to send tyranny throughout the land untill eventually we will all be inprisoned.

  47. GreenDragon on

    If it ain’t the McCulture of plastic disposable toxicity then it’s the next best thing to hell – solitary confinement for being a nice guy that sold seeds.

    It’s a pickle no doubt about it.

    Alas, without the push for a free humanity and healthy earth what else is there people?

    Do you wish to see children become micro-chipped at birth chocking on poor air-quality alerts and dodging false-flag ‘terrorist threats’…?

    Ask the Bush/Clinton/Harper elites (Washington District Cabal) as they may well have an answer for you to digest should you even be able to stomach the truth of what kind of multi-trillion dollar pyramid scheme we are farmed into.

    We all die, just a matter of how.
    Standing for something good or just another eatn’ shitn’ lemming complicit to tyranny.

    Now, what’s your choice?

  48. Anonymous on

    The Fed’s are using a double edged sword and it cuts both ways. The more publicity Marc gets, the more sympathy and followers he gains. Unless you want Marc in solitary confinement for no reason get out there this weekend with a Google: Marc Emery sign on a major highway. The more people that are exposed to his story the more that will see the evil in the system. You will be making a difference.

  49. Anonymous on

    I still feel that the decision by the justice minister should have went under the microscope.
    and yes, this is a way of making sure that the political voice is shut down.
    it only shows how sour the situation is, dam right it was a politically motivated arrest and dam right it should not have come to an extradition because of that fact.
    there was a channel to have the decision or lack of acknowledgment of it being politically motivated brought right out and that channel was not used. there was actually laws put there to stop what happened from happening and you guys just copped it sweet. I do feel for you, but i do wonder why these steps where never taken? was it because the tentacles of those in power went so far that the protection that should have been there was ground away?
    or was the justice minister just hopeful his analysis and findings where not going to be more thoroughly looked into.
    take a look at what he wrote and what he avoided mentioning. its surely foul play to have not mentioned these issues.
    i guess its too late now, and you just have to hold onto what is left. you know in your heart your on a winnner in terms of the prohibition should end and that what you fight for is right. so it is only a matter of time before it becomes recognised.

  50. Tookie23 on

    Our country is founded on revolution, why are we stopping people for speaking what they believe in.

    Inhumanity is not justice.

  51. mountainlionco on

    in the united states the police can only hold you for a maximum of 72 hours before they either charge you with a crime or release you.

    But if youre already in custody they think they can put you in solitary confinment indefinitely waiting for “justice”???

  52. ray christl THC-healing locomotive on

    That is the message of FREE MARC,and tyranny will fail.People only wake-up from their FEAR and ANONYMITY when they are moved to act from righteous indignation.The film “Principle of Pot” is all about this THESIS.Compassion for Jodie is the ammunition of FEELINGS you use with Harper voters as you humbly wash there emotional feet with hemp seed oil nonTHC medicine.LITERALLY wash the enemies feet with LOVE and TRUTH,and create sympathy.They can’t help understand then?Smoke-out anonymous rant is counter-productive.Build logical affinity,and work through the IRRATIONAL FEAR of HARPER CHRISTIAN VOTERS and SYSTEM ONE PRIMAL FEAR.Listen to Thomas James teach gun fetish patriot people about HEMP NUT FOOD from CANADA hempfield industry.Hemp is MARIJUANA???USE Canadian REFERENDUM to vote a single LAW like in Cannafornia.Cannada?Chicago Blackhawks have LORD STANLEY and SYMPATHY for the INJUSTICE to Jodie and all people will allow themselves in LOGOS a VOTE YES for our sacrament!!!

  53. observer on

    See? They have him in custody only a short while before those petty tyrants contrived an excuse to torture the man. Any excuse will serve a tyrant. It is as if Marc is the scapegoat for every Reefer Madness -inspired zealot he now comes in contact with. They can’t get all those evil pot smokers – but they can get Marc.

    The US has turned every “right” into an excuse for government to further prey on people.

    Charles Dickens was correct when he said, “I believe that the heaviest blow ever dealt at liberty’s head will be dealt by this nation in the ultimate failure of its example to the earth.” That’s the way it turned out. They promise freedom and happiness, yet deliver misery and slavery.

  54. Dan-o on

    Yep..could not have put it better. Marc is imprisoned for his political actions. Tandy proved it, you knew it…and yet you continued. Welcome to the “land of the free”.

  55. Dale allo on

    The thing is i dont think marc or jodie will stop the fight. they realize this fight is what makes them feel alive and worthy of a purpose. this is what will keep them strong until marc is released. the us will never take this from them. they may as well roll over and die if they do. its mostly a waiting game just keep strong and hold out and you will be victorious in the end like the turtle and the hare.

  56. Cremater on

    I am leaving this comment specifically for Jodie, I hope she reads it.

    First, I trully feel for you Jodie. It is very difficult to have a loved one in prison under any circumstances and it must be especially difficult considering exactly why marc is in our prison system currently. I give both Marc and you my full support and empathy.

    Now, this part is not quite as nice so I will appologize in advance if I offend you.

    What exactly were either you or Marc thinking?!? He is incarcerated in an AMERICAN prison, a federal prison no less. Marc is not really there for selling seeds, although that is what he plead guilty to, MArc is in prison for purely political reasons based 99% on his activism. To think that the U.S. would allow him to be merely housed in prison but continue on with his political activism (what he is REALLY in prison for) was rediculous. I am sure in retrospect both you and Marc are completely aware of this at this point.

    Now, please allow me to tell you exactly what is going to happen from this point on during Marc’s stay in the U.S. prison system.

    First, he is going to spend some additional time in solitary. My best guess would be 30 – 60 days, our prison system does not care about how it makes you feel as his wife and they will do this not to convince Marc to change his ways but to exact a bit of retribution from him.

    Not to worry though, they will let him out. They need him to talk to you. You see, Marc is in prison but you are continuing on his activism in his place for the time being (more power to you by the way). You can also bet that this website is still being monitored by the DEA and other interested political parties. They have seen your reation to Marc being in solitary and that reaction provided them with a brand spanking new weapon to use against you and Marc. The weapon of loss.

    Over the course of the next year Marc will be in and out of solitary for a variety of reasons, none of which will be ligit in my book but in and out none the less. The pressure will be applied in order to convince both you and Marc that your brand of activism needs to stop, possibly dismantling the website and other such actions in order to keep him out of solitary.

    Marc is upbeat and trying to play the nice inmate, this is just pissing them off to no end. When you are in an American prison you are supposed to be miserable, servile, obedient and all of those other things that Marc is not. They will go out of thier way to break him and you along with him.

    As he makes freinds in the prison while he is there those relationships will be undermined with punishments being metted out to these new aquantances in order to remove any internal support structure that Marc may be building. Marc will be included in those punishments as well but you can rest assured that everyone involved will be un-officially told that they are being punished for one of Marc’s actions.

    I am feel so much sorrow for you and Marc now and it pains me to have to be the one to tell you that your sorrows are only just starting and they will worsen.


    33 months Wasco State Penitentiary
    27 months Terminal Island Federal Penitentiary