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Law enforcement officials, academics and government officials gathered in Ottawa this week to discuss how to keep Canadian communities safe at a time when policing costs are soaring. Canada’s failed marijuana policies must be part of this discussion.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery has been held in solitary confinement in an American prison for unknowingly breaking an apparently unwritten rule by having his wife record a phone conversation for publication as an online podcast, which was never released.

I would really appreciate it if everyone would send a thank-you note to MP's Ujjal Dosanjh, Libby Davies and Scott Reid for an excellent presentation of the petition urging the Justice Minister to refuse my Extradition in the House of Commons yesterday.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Marc Emery and MPs Ujjal Dosanjh and Libby Davies appeared on CBC's Power and Politics to tell Canadian Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson, who also appeared on the show, to put a stop to Emery's extradition to the US.

I'm pleased that a petition opposing my extradition will be introduced in the House of Commons by MP's Libby Davies (NDP), Ujjal Dosanjh (Liberal) and Scott Reid (Conservative) between 3 pm - 4 pm (eastern)/ noon - 1 pm (pacific). Shown live on