Norway TV Comes To Cannabis Culture HQ

CANNABIS CULTURE – In Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Norway’s TV 2 Nyhetene stopped by Cannabis Culture Headquarters to speak with Marc Emery and take a tour of the BCMP vaporizer lounge.

In a video and news article found on the Norwegian news program’s website (read the poorly-translated version), Marc discusses police tolerance of marijuana during the Olympics and talks about why athletes use marijuana.

William Austin from the BC Marijuana Party Vapor Lounge talks about the increase in business during the Olympics and shows reporters around the office at 307 W. Hasting St. in Vancouver.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Go to TV 2 Nyhetene.

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Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters is located in Olympic central, downtown Vancouver:

Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters
307 West Hastings Street
Downtown Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-1172

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