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This week on The Mernahuana Show we send off foreign exchange HashMob member Hiro with a grand slam of a bong hitting gauntlet. He's a solid Vapor Central regular who participated in his first ever 4/20. Will he bring cannabis culture back to Japan? Yes he will! World domination one foreign exchange student at a time. We talk about the upcoming VC Cannabis Olympics. Is there one?

I am going to have 1/4 ounce joints to pass around for every goal Canada scores today against Russia, and a 1/4 ounce joint for every goal the Swiss score against Team USA!

I'm choked that VANOC officially refused to let Jodie and I in the Molson Hockey Tent as guests of CNN's i-Reporter to watch the US-Canada game because they are afraid to have "The Prince of Pot" near the Olympic athletes who are there.

CANNABIS CULTURE - In Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, Norway's TV 2 Nyhetene stopped by Cannabis Culture Headquarters to speak with Marc Emery and take a tour of the BCMP vaporizer lounge.
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