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CANNABIS CULTURE - Ask anyone who knows and they will agree: Cannabis Culture Headquarters has played host to some epic parities over the years. Maybe it's something about the 115-year-old brick building in downtown Vancouver (307 W. Hastings St.) that CCHQ calls home. Maybe it's something about the fine marijuana strains being consumed by joint, bong, vaporizer and every other way imaginable by eager party-goers.

CANNABIS CULTURE - The best way to celebrate the holiday season is to light up a fat Christmas Tree with a circle of family and friends, then kick back with a spiced eggnog and a huge plate of festive baked treats. This was the scene at the 2012 Cannabis Culture Christmas Staff Party, held on December 12 at the BCMP Vapor Lounge.

CANNABIS CULTURE - When it comes to magazines that will get you disowned by your conservative parents when they find them sitting next to the toilet in your apartment, VICE is at the top of the stack (above late-1980s copies of Swank and Barley Legal, and an old issue of Mother Jones with the pages stuck together).
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