The Cannabis Culture Headquarters Christmas Party of 2013

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ask anyone who knows and they will agree: Cannabis Culture Headquarters has played host to some epic parities over the years.

Maybe it’s something about the 115-year-old brick building in downtown Vancouver (307 W. Hastings St.) that CCHQ calls home.

Maybe it’s something about the fine marijuana strains being consumed by joint, bong, vaporizer and every other way imaginable by eager party-goers.

Maybe it’s something about the fine marijuana activist hosts of the party, the lovely Jodie Emery and her now-imprisoned husband, Prince of Pot Marc Emery.

It could be something about the wonderful management and staff of the CCHQ store and BCMP Vapor Lounge, who always make sure the place looks great and that guests feel great.

Or it might be something about the Cannabis Culture Extended Family, made up of hard-working local activists, former employees, and other members of Vancouver’s marijuana community (and beyond!).

When all of the elements are combined, you get a party like the one held last week on the third floor of our head shop Hempire, this year’s CCHQ Christmas Staff Party. Jodie and the staff did a Merry job of decorating the Lounge – Christmas tree included – and setting out an amazing spread of munchies.

The place was packed with many friends, some who usually call the place their second home and some who hadn’t stopped by all year.

Thick clouds of cannabis smoke and vapor filled the large room and drifted across the ceiling until dissipating, followed by more thick clouds right behind. Volcanos hummed. Many a bong was loaded. I saw more than one dabber dabbing.

CCHQ Store manager Tiffany was the Master of Games, and handed out prize bags to the partiers with the most skill at balancing dice on the end of popsicles sticks in their teeth or popping balloons by wildly pressing their bodies together.

Jodie talked about Marc, who will be coming home by next July, and our good friend and Sensible BC founder Dana Larsen talked about the many positive gains made in his group’s unsuccessful attempt to decriminalize cannabis in B.C.

The fun and games went on way past most of our bedtimes and everyone left with big smiles on their faces. Merry Christmas from Cannabis Culture to all of our friends of the cannabis culture! Check out the full CCHQ Christmas Party 2013 Flickr gallery:

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.