Banned From The Hockey Tent

I’m choked that VANOC officially refused to let Jodie and I in the Molson Hockey Tent as guests of CNN’s i-Reporter to watch the US-Canada game because they are afraid to have “The Prince of Pot” near the Olympic athletes who are there.

The Prince of Pot NOT allowed in a beer tent lest the shiny reputation of these athletes is compromised by being in close proximity to a political party leader!

CNN asked VANOC to make credentials for us to be at Molson Hockey House as their guest and VANOC said I cannot be admitted to the venue because of the risk of medal-winning athletes being photographed in proximity to me. VANOC claims the bronze-medal winning athlete who was ordered out of town who was photographed with a girl sexualizing his bronze medal has made “VANOC more sensitive to scandal” was the exact phrase.

UPDATE: Get this! After VANOC says its all a misunderstanding and invite us to the game at Molson Hockey House, we dress up, get a taxi, get to the media entrance at Hockey House only to be told by the Molson Rep that he’s canceled our passes because 1) he doesn’t have the time to make our credentials! 2) its over capacity in there now and 3) its really for real media! So we have to walk back home, missing part of the game!

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. David420 on

    I highly doubt it was because you are a political party leader. It was probably because of what you do for a living as well as your extradition case. I’m sorry you missed part of a great game because of that. I’m glad we beat you guys though! Best of luck against Russia when your team humiliates Germany later tonight.

  2. jackaroo on

    and the politically correct thing to do is push alcohol at our kids on this level and condemn the use of the safer drug! Lies, Propaganda, Greed, and Corruption are alive and well when determining what is politically correct!

    Free Marc, Free Marijuana!

  3. dslarsen on

    You can always say that the only reason Canada lost is that you weren’t allowed to be there, cheering them on to victory!

  4. xfgxg on

    hiya –
    me again –

    i find it sick that you can tell lies about me and kick me off your forum
    ,,but when the tables get turned you use tears in your bong …

    nice try marc

    i mean dude – i love you and all that
    but …

    whatever …

    why do i even bother — talking to druggies is such a waste of time

  5. Bryan Mann on

    Reputations of athletes…What about Gold Medalist caught smoking Cannabis in a Bong posted world wide? Racy photographs of Olympic Bronze medalist? Whats the problem? Its just the Olympic Committee trying to be politically correct. You go Marc we are in your corner. Peace and Love.

  6. Thomas Davie on

    I’m just pissed off that my tax dollars are going to Canadian athletes. I’m glad that CC is getting a lot of worldwide exposure and that Canada is still free enough that CC is allowed to exist.


  7. Anonymous on

    I find it pathetic that they are advertising alcohol at an Olympic event but are afraid to let an advocate for a much safer drug simply watch the game. If anything Marc should be the one denying them the right to promote their poison at a sporting event.