Marc Emery and CCHQ on Finnish TV

CANNABIS CULTURE – One of Finland’s largest television channels recently paid a visit to CCHQ to talk to Marc Emery about cannabis legalization, pot politics, and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

The news piece by the MTV3 channel, “Vancouver – marijuanaa ja olympialaisia” (“Vancouver – marijuana and the Olympic Games”), features the Vancouver activist and longtime CC publisher discussing legalization efforts in California and beyond, and shows many camera shots of the Cannabis Culture Headquarters in Vancouver, which will be a hot(box)spot during the upcoming Olympic Winter Games.

Watch on the Cannabis Culture YouTube Channel

Read the MTV3 article (click here for an English translation).

Find out more about marijuana activist Marc Emery and his expected extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds on the internet and using the money to fund activism.

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Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters is located in Olympic central, downtown Vancouver:

Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters
307 West Hastings Street
Downtown Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-1172

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