Marc and Jodie Emery: Big Changes

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Prince of Pot and his lovely wife Jodie, editors of Cannabis Culture, discuss the future of CC and Marc’s extradition to the US in this video.

Marc and Jodie talk about Cannabis Culture moving completely online, and about the legal deal Marc is negotiating with US and Canadian authorities – and what will happen if Marc goes to jail.

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  1. Anonymous on

    WTF the video got removed for a terms of use violation.

  2. Anonymous on

    Gotta agree with ya dude…

    the only thing, and man, I don’t think I should be judging…

    but marc , self-proclaimed prince of pot
    (to me that’s like royalty…maybe a little too much ?)


    he looks pretty tired, have you guys seen his giant eye shadows ? he looks bad, he also looks scared/frightened

    I guess I would be too, just a little bit maybe 😛

    but he shouldn’t show weakness

    and his girl looks sad and scared too

    oh well

    he did have a lot of fun with his old friends and young wife
    mr prince of pot, zeal green convertible thunderbird
    nice shop , cannabis culture

    it’s an empire

    but still man, you are a human being, and I have nothing but love for you, I know you we’re fighting for people

    even if you did have a lot of fun, you we’re really doing it for people (somewhere)

    thanks bro

  3. Evan on

    Since the day i picked up my first CC i have never felt the same about the plant know as pot. Articles of big buds and aussie grows, hashish and how not to get caught. The stigma of stupid potheads is gone now under the intellectual understanding of many subjects related to this culture. This magazine brought everything from botany to politics, engineering to spirituality in a smart and understandable way.

    The amount of information shared through these issues is immense. And nothing can take that from you Mark! You have really made effect like none other in the legalization of this great flower.

    Ill be down to see you soon.

    Peace and love

    Good fight BC3, the word is being heard.