Cannabis Culture Headquarters’ Business License Update

CANNABIS CULTURE – CCHQ’s business license hearing has been adjourned to May 19, 2009. In the meantime, we will make some changes to our store and lounge.

As a pre-emptive measure to considerably improve our chances of getting these licenses, pot consumption on the main floor of Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture HQ is henceforth no longer permitted, as is already the case at the 420 Convenience store.

The main floor lounge is now being converted to all-retail store with double the capacity for merchandise (bongs, vaporizers, books, hash bags, etc.), so look for changes daily!

The BC Marijuana Party Lounge on the 3rd floor will continue to be a Vapour Lounge and does not require a license, so all you stoners can use the awesome Volcanos up on the 3rd floor. Improvements including flat screen televisions will be done to the 3rd Floor Vapour Lounge.

We would like to thank everyone who wrote letters of support to [email protected] and would like to encourage you to continue writing in support of our application for the May 19th hearing.

Marc Emery