New Gang Laws Will Create More Gangsters and More Crime

The irony of increasing jail time for gang members is that it actually increases the number of members in gangs and the number of gangs. Many gangs were started and all are expanded by recruitment in jail.

I learned first hand why a person would feel compelled to join a gang while imprisoned. In my few days in Kamloops Regional Correction Centre for cannabis trafficking I found that well over half the 38 inmates on my range belonged to one of 2 gangs. They basically run the block by controlling the phones, the gym, the yard, and any trustee positions. Anyone not in a gang will find themselves constantly challenged and intimidated. I saw a 19-year-old being pressured to fight by an inmate who, I was warned, is “cold”. This 19-year-old had no choice but to seek protection from one of the established prison gangs. I’m afraid to know what this kid would be expected to do in return for his “protection”.

And what happens in prison doesn’t necessarily stay in prison. The gang organization carries on outside the prison as well. A guard warned me that if I felt endangered and opted for protective custody (PC) that my life would be worth “shit” inside and outside the prison. PC usually means the person is a snitch and the word will get around.

Most established gang members have absolutely nothing to fear when going to prison. Since they run the place they are well protected. Increased prison time is definitely not a deterrent for them.

Gangs are fueled by the demand for substances which the government has prohibited as we learned during alcohol prohibition. Bill C-15 would finance gangs and aid in their proliferation making Canada more dangerous for all of us.

Paul DeFelice at his old shop - Holy Smoke.Paul DeFelice at his old shop – Holy Smoke.



  1. Abercrombie and Fitch on

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  2. Smokin' in the Boys' Room on

    that SMOKIN’ ain’t allowed in school!

  3. jello on

    if they legalize marijuana wont the gangsters just start trafficking more coke, heroin, etc.?


    Send gangs to jail to be recruited for Nation of Islam?!
    OUTLAW islam and muslims from Canada and the U.S.
    No blurring of the edges.
    Why are there mosques in Missoula ,Montana?
    Why are there 60,000 muslims living in the greater Vancouver area?
    Why are there mosques in Anchorage,Alaska?

    PM Harper spends $30 mil CAN a year to keep from being beheaded.

  5. Steve on

    I agree with this article one hundred percent!
    Giving “gangsters” a longer sentence will not scare them away or make them think twice about joining these illegal organizations. First of all most of these people are not intimidated by our prisons. Many of them actually see it as a get-away where they can actually reunite with friends they haven’t seen in a while, and make new acquaintances at the same time. Secondly, while these people are sitting behind bars, don’t think the activities they we’re involved with have come to a complete halt. In fact since they went away, well guess what, somebody else gets promoted to their position or someone new needs to be trained into their group. With nothing else to do why not recruit someone new they find in jail with no links to other gangs? Or some young kid that needs extra money, or that’s just looking to score something illegal!
    But the real problem begins when they start releasing the inmates. Coming out of jail they are going to want their old job back, but someone else has had to fill their shoes and will not want to abandon their post too easily. These new recruits have been working hard and don’t want to give up their living. That’s when the competition rises and tempers flare, and with no solid legal system to protect anybody that’s when all hell breaks loose. That’s when the real violence starts!
    And that’s when Harper steps in and brings us all two steps back…
    Maybe these gangs should start targeting Harper… Nevermind we’ll leave that to the Mexican cartel…

    Unless we end prohibiton first!!!