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Rarely do the left and right agree. But they have backed into each other in deciding long sentences for most drug offenders are inhumane, ineffective, and expensive.

So my transfer application to serve the remainder of my sentence in Canada is dead, I figure. Despite getting approval from the U.S. Department of Justice and having the endorsement of my prosecutor, the judge who sentenced me, and Corrections Services Canada, the Conservative Minister of Public Safety Stephen Blaney isn't signing on.

Eight years ago today, on July 29th 2005, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Vancouver Police raided my store in downtown Vancouver and had me arrested while in Halifax for a medical marijuana event. I faced extradition to the United States and life in federal prison, along with my employees Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey. I was extradited on May 20th 2010 for a five-year plea deal, and I'm told Canada has changed since I've been imprisoned here.

There's something I don't understand about us humans. We can cure disease, explore outer space, access information from around the world in a split second and discover the God particle, and yet the best idea we have come up with to respond to crime and social harm is to lock people in cages.
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