CC reader poll

Our typical reader is a single male over 30 with no children.Our typical reader is a single male over 30 with no children.In issue #33 we ran a reader poll, asking our readers what they liked and disliked about Cannabis Culture, and to tell us about themselves, so we could find out what kind of people enjoy our magazine.
We received about 200 responses, giving us a rough profile of who you are and what you are looking for in your marijuana magazine. Here’s some of the things we found out about our readers.

A majority of you are single men over 30 with no children. You earn between $25-75,000 per year, have been toking over 10 years, and are currently growing pot.

The average copy of CC gets read by 3.45 people, giving us a total readership of about 160,000. Our readers enjoy our advertisers, and over 62% say they’ve ordered something they’ve seen in our magazine.

The most popular cover request was a bud or plant, followed by trippy art. 23% asked for female models, as opposed to the 1% who wanted more male models on the cover.

Our readers are definitely overgrowing the government. Our most popular writer was Ed Rosenthal (36%), which reflected the general demand for more grow material and bud shots. A strong 58% of our readers admit they are growing marijuana right now, and another 28% used to cultivate the healing herb. We’ve responded by adding four to six more pages of grow stuff each issue, plus our centrefold poster.

70% of our readers toke every day, with another 24% toking up once a week or more. Three respondents said they toked up only once a year, while 3% used to toke but don’t anymore. 80% have been toking over 10 years.

Just over half (54%) of our readers don’t smoke tobacco, while 13% are currently trying to quit. 20% of our readers used to drink alcohol but have stopped, 25% drink only once a month, 45% drink weekly or more.

Almost half (44%) of our readers aren’t online, but of the remainder, 64% visit the Cannabis Culture website once a month or more. Pot-TV was less popular, with only 25% of our wired readers visiting monthly. However, a solid core of 16% faithfully watch new shows once a week or more.

We only received two responses from readers under 18, but we got an equal number from the 18-22 crowd as the 50 generation (10% each). The other 80% of our readers were almost perfectly distributed between 23 to 49 years old.

83% of our respondents are men. 62% are unmarried. 58% have no children.

A full 40% of our readers have been busted for a pot offense, and 8% spent at least one night in jail.

62% consider their marijuana use as medicinal. 38% have written at least one pro-pot letter to the paper, and a solid 9% write letters on a regular basis.

44% of our readers admitted to enjoying “kinky sex,” but only 9% would confess to playing Dungeons & Dragons. 50% play video games, and 79% enjoy curling up with a good book.

When it comes to cuisine, 57% of our readers say they eat a “balanced diet.” 21% say they eat meat “as often as possible” while 10% range from vegan to no red meat.

Potential tobacco ads proved less popular than those for booze. 51% either approved or didn’t care about the possibility of alcohol advertising, while 8% of readers threatened to stop buying our magazine. Yet 12% were equally opposed to tobacco ads, while 37% said they approved or didn’t care.

We thank all readers who participated in the poll. With your guidance and support we will continue to improve Cannabis Culture, making it more useful, relevant, and revolutionary than ever before!Our typical reader is a single male over 30 with no children.

Here are the code numbers for the ten people who were chosen in our draw. If one of these numbers is yours, then contact us with your matching code word via phone, fax or email to claim your prize.

? Grand Prize: 24141623
? First runner-up 1: 45454559
? First runner-up 2: 10056011
? Second runner-up 1: 44614461
? Second runner-up 2: 19790407
? Second runner-up 3: 99999999
? Consolation 1: 35032769
? Consolation 2: 01071980
? Consolation 3: 88086330
? Consolation 4: 91459437