Getting High with Dragonfly: Dr. Walker’s Daze

Dr. Walker's Daze is an uplifting sativa strain with a distinctly energetic effect. (Click photos to enlarge)Dr. Walker’s Daze is an uplifting sativa strain with a distinctly energetic effect. (Click photos to enlarge)CANNABIS CULTURE – Our very own ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of each country’s best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic.

She samples each strain in joints, vaporizers, glass bongs, and bubblers (whenever available), taking careful notes of the smell, taste, and nuanced effects of each one. Read “Getting High with Dragonfly” every month on Cannabis Culture.

Dr. Walker’s Daze (sativa)

This rare and exotic high sativa strain caught the attention of Northern California chronnoisseurs when it was the uncontested favorite and unanimous winner of the 2009 Earthdance Cannabis Cup, standing out among other quality strains such as DJ Short’s new Vanilla Luna strain. Earthdance is a music festival that takes place in Humboldt County at the end of every summer, and Harborside Health Center sponsored the friendly competition. Of the dozen or so entries, Dr. Walker’s Daze left an impression from the dry hit alone. Participants who had been chatting suddenly interrupted their conversations to comment on the pungent, unique, spicy taste before the joint had even been blazed. And when we blazed, we were dazed and amazed.

Dr. Walker’s Daze is a three-way cross created by Moonshine Man. Its genetics consist first of a cross between Albert Walker (a highly-coveted Pacific Northwest strain) and Medicine Man, which created the Dr. Walker strain. Then Dr. Walker was crossed with Daze, a 100-day phenotype of Soma Seed’s 99 Amnesia Haze (Amnesia Haze/Amnesia Haze/Neville’s Haze). Only a few seeds were ever produced from this sexy, sativa-dominant threesome, and somewhere around the end of 2006, they went on auction to the highest bidder. The final pack of seeds was bought for $800 on a seed-auction website.

Dr. Walker’s Daze was destined to remain in obscurity, an elite strain reserved for the seasoned chronnoisseur, until one retiring pot enthusiast passed his collection on to a talented and well-respected grower. This grower undertook the painstaking process of growing the plant from seed, and nurtured it with the level of care usually reserved for a mother and her newborn child. 12 weeks later, Dr. Walker’s Daze was resurrected, just in time for the Earthdance Cannabis Cup.

DW Daze is a natural anti-depressant and an instant mood enhancer. Whatever your initial frame of mind, puff, puff, pass and you’ll be giddy with giggles, stuck with a case of the warm fuzzies, basking in the sunshine of euphoria. This uplifting sativa strain turns rainy days into rainbows, and has a distinctly energetic effect. You’ll take on even the most mundane activity with happy alertness. And you’ll have the energy and motivation to actually do what you planned that day. Smoke it when you have the freedom to just hang out and enjoy the high and you’ll quickly find you have a smile on your face for reasons you can’t quite remember.

Can’t find Dr. Walker’s Daze? After all, it is the kind of rare strain you’re more likely to find in some chronnoisseur’s radical head stash than anywhere for sale. But worry not; I have personally taken it upon myself to smoke a joint of it (rolled in a raw, unbleached paper to limit taste-contamination) to get you vicariously loaded. And don’t just take my word for it. In order to bring you a diversity of reactions to this fine herb, a private cannabis cup was held somewhere deep in the redwoods in which a select panel of chronnoisseurs convened to evaluate the effects of Dr. Walker’s Daze and other strains. It was the first joint of the competition, toked on a clean palate. Prepare to get DW Dazed.

The smell off the grinder: Distinctive haze smell accented with cacao, cinnamon, and vanilla. Spicy dark chocolate with a hint of pepper in the after-scent.

The dry hit: A deep, rich taste highlighted by a fruity sweetness, a certain spiciness, and again that hint of pepper. Leaves a faint menthol tingle on the tongue. The hot boy I smoked it with is convinced he got high off the dry hits.

The flavor: Classic haze flavor, giving way to mango and a taste of tropical fruit in general, underscored with a subtle spiciness.

The cloud: When the hot boy exhaled, I lingered smiling in the smoke cloud so long I had to be reminded to hit the joint. Its smell was complex, but overall called to mind some exotic wood, like cedar.

The high: Uplifting, alert, and euphoric. We were overcome with a feeling of warm coziness that seemed to radiate from within and which manifested as uncontrollable giggles. It was a full-bodied high that got us so blasted we forgot to finish the joint. And when the hot boy put his hoodie on, he put it on upside-down. Not inside-out. Upside-down. With the hood covering his ass. Dude. That’s how high we got. So high even his hoodie couldn’t tell his head from his ass.

When I got Dazed alone with the hot boy, we didn’t play any music or have any other form of artificial stimulation during the smoke-out and for the duration of the high. We just sat there, or lay there, enjoying every atom of existence, smiling, happy, and content.

The effects reported included “giggles, uplifting, full-bodied, warm, alert, and euphoric.” The smell was described as “like haze, cacao, cinnamon, and vanilla.”  Most participants reported a classic haze flavor, while others tasted mango and a subtle spiciness.

The grow: A high sativa, Dr. Walker’s Daze reportedly roots easily and grows vigorously. It can be quite frosty and resinous and has a flowering period of 72+ days. One could say that the high yield makes it worth the long flowering time — but, truthfully, it’s the high itself that makes it worth it.

Dr. Walker’s Daze is sure to be a preferred smoke for even the most discriminating pot snob. If you ever have the good fortune of coming across this epic boutique strain, there is no clearer evidence that the heavens are smiling on you. Obviously, you must’ve done something really rad in a past life. Reward yourself by picking some up. The only thing you’ll regret is that it didn’t cross your path sooner.

You just got dazed. Look for Blue Dream and Massachusetts Super Skunk in upcoming issues of Cannabis Culture. Got a strain you want to see covered by Getting High with Dragonfly? Or, just wanna say “high”? She loves to receive your emails. Write her at: [email protected]



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  482. Anonymous on

    Moonshineman produced seeds between 99 and 07′. They were available through the bay. MSM is still around moderating his own forum at another site. His seeds sold for $55-60 a pack. People would buy them and resale them for 10x the orig cost.

  483. Anonymous on

    Sounds like a friggen strain I’d love to have it in the medicine cabinet. On the other hand, this article did not convince me to grow her at all. The cured buds look great but the plant itself does not seem to fit a good description of medical marijuana. It looks like a low producer, and it takes entirely too long. On the other hand it her high seems like a good one. $800 for a pack of seeds is insane spread love with green not buy earning green. Dragonfly you kick butt!!! Great article as usual. Keep up the good work….even though it would be my dream job…

  484. Anonymous on

    The hot boy was convinced he got high of the dry hits… ‘convinced’?!
    I don’t understand how ‘he was convinced he was high after he smoked pot’ makes any more sense than ‘he was convinced the water quenched his thirst’ or ‘he was convinced the lemon was sour’.
    On that note, I am convinced for all practical purposes that I typed this comment on this website.

  485. Anonymous on

    Agreed,the BEST!!!

  486. Anonymous on

    Anyone know where some beens for this bad boy can be found?

  487. Anonymous on

    Wonder how many strains shes up to … im only at 87 myself

  488. Dove on

    Definitely one of the BEST jobs one could have! =^9

    Thanks for the great descrip., Dragonfly!

    Hope the VSB will have some of these seeds in stock…

  489. Dragonflyfan on

    Dragonfly has the best job in the wourld.