Give me your urine. And no, it's not for some weird fetish of mine. The reason I'm asking for your liquid waste has to do with my attempts at finding employment this summer.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Our very own ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of each country’s best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic.

l to r: Lou Dog, Johny Richter, Christina, Pakelika, D-loc, DJ Bobby B, Heidi, Daddy X"The underlying theme for the Kottonmouth Kings is personal freedom." - Daddy X

When I was thirteen years old, I started my first successful business venture? selling vintage Marvel comics out of my bedroom at home. My first catalog listing all the comics I sold came out on January 1st, 1971. Over the next four years, I had a most wonderful time going to comic book and science fiction conventions in that golden era.
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