Pot Puzzlers

Welcome back! We?d like to apologize for the two errors in Issue 59?s Pot Puzzlers. In the crossword, 42 Down was ?Andrew Mellon? but the puzzle only allowed for ?Melon?. In the wordsearch ?leaflet? and ?hargy? were actually ?leaf? and ?lethargy?. We accepted all wordsearch entries regardless of whether they got those two words or not! Thanks to everyone who participated ? we had more entries than ever, over 200!
Here are the winners of issue 59?s pot puzzler. All four CC readers received custom-made CC logo Hot Box vaporizers, courtesy of Hot Box Vapors!

? Adam S. in Mission Hills, Kansas
? Steve S. in Montreal, Quebec
? Curtis B. in Gananoque, Ontario
? Sasha S. in Prince George, BC

We?re again offering four special CC logo vaporizers for two crossword winners and two wordsearch winners this issue. This wordsearch has a hidden name in it, so you have to finish the puzzle to get the answer.

Mail in your completed puzzles no later than August 15th, 2006 to be entered in the draw. Only one entry per magazine, please! Include your name and mailing address. Winners will be announced in issue 63 and on Pot.tv ? you can watch Marc and Jodie draw and announce the winners on Pot.tv after the entry due date!

15 – 199
V6B 1H6

Weed Wordsearch

Circle the BOLD CAPITALIZED names of the activists listed below. They are forwards, backwards, up, down and diagonal too! Thirteen letters will be left uncircled; unscramble them for the name of the missing Weed Warrior. Write down the name and send it to our puzzle address!

Michael BALDASARO: Church of the Universe
Hilary BLACK: Vancouver Compassion Club Society, Cannasat
Renee BOJE: Urban Shaman (Vancouver), Drug War Refugee
Jorge CERVANTES: Expert grower
Laurence CHERNIAK: Authored ?Book of Hashish?
Chris CLAY: Canadian Supreme Court applicant, 2003
Jack COLE: Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
CRAIG x: Cannabis Culture magazine, Showtime?s ?Weeds?
Dominic CRAMER: Kindred Caf? (Toronto), Toronto Compassion Club
Marc EMERY: Cannabis Culture magazine, B.C. Marijuana Party, Pot.tv
Mark GREER: Media Awareness Project
Carol GWILT: Da Kine caf?, Canadian medicinal exemptee
Jack HERER: Hemp historian, authored ?The Emperor Wears No Clothes?
Warren HITZIG: Made pot legal for ?summer of legalization? 2003
Rob KAMPIA: Marijuana Policy Project
Jason KING: ?Cannabible? books
Dana LARSON: eNDProhibition, Vancouver Seed Bank (mispelling of ?Larsen? intentional – Ed.)
Eddie LEPP: Californians for Compassionate Use
David MALMO-LEVINE: Hemp Historian, The Herb School (Vancouver)
Alison MYRDEN: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Loretta NALL: US Marijuana Party, Libertarian Candidate for Governor in Alabama 2006
Eugene OSCAPELLA: Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
Terry PARKER: Applicant who made medical marijuana legal in Canada
Denis PERON: Proposition 215, Founder of the Cannabis Buyers Club
Marco RENDA: Treating Yourself magazine
Judith RENAUD: Educators for a Sensible Drug Policy
Ed ROSENTHAL: Authored ?Marijuana Growers Handbook?
Rosie ROWBOTHAM: Canada?s longest-serving pot prisoner
Norm STAMPER: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Jef TEK: Cannabis Culture magazine, grower extraordinaire
Walter TUCKER: Church of the Universe
Jim WAKEFORD: First Section 56 med-pot exemptee
njWEEDman: Outspoken New Jersey Rastafarian activist
Alan YOUNG: Lawyer, law professor, authored ?Justice Defiled: Perverts, Potheads, Serial Killers & Lawyers?

Cannabis Crossword


2) A very fruity indica from the Far East; used to be sold as ?sticks?
3) Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre ___ smoked marijuana
4) Hemp canvas and hemp oil were both used for ___ ___ in the 1800?s (2 words)
5) Lysergic acid diethylamide; Timothy Leary is an expert on this (abbr.)
6) The overall effect of globalization on the environment is this type of murder
7) Hemp-made darning material
8) DEA?s number-one target in Canada
9) 430-watt ___ Agro grow bulb
13) The sociogenic nature of toking tends to create ___ in the cannabis culture
14) Smoking marijuana is also called ___
15) Mason Tvert?s SAFER organization is pushing legalization initiatives in this state (abbr.)
16) Marijuana activists and others attended Canada?s Marijuana Peace ___ II in Toronto this year
18) Inspired insight, enlightened perception brought about by toking (French-derived)
19) Narcotics from the opium plant
21) The DEA?s violent and corrupt history gives them a bad ___
24) Marc Emery and Jodie Giesz-Ramsay are a dynamic ___ of doobage
27) Average quality; between highs and lows with weed
28) Tokers don?t need these to fly, but this type of wing flap helps steer an airplane
30) This ?blue grass? state produces great weed and music (abbr.)
32) Pressed kif or extracted trichomes
34) The _ _ _ is part of the Justice Department of America
35) The _ _ _ Bookstore at 307 West Hastings Street in Vancouver is home to the BC Marijuana Party, Vapor Lounge, Pot-TV and CC magazine
37) Marijuana is a plant, Bush is the ___ 40) ?___ Diesel? has dense solid green buds, a distinctive sour skunk scent and a buzz that will demand your attention.


1) This gracious lady greets arrivals to the shores of New York and stands for equality, brotherhood and liberty
8) The source for your clones
9) ?Shoots?, ?pails? and gravity bongs are all variations of a ___; also a type of electric guitar playing
10) The BC3 must not be taken ___ the US/ Canadian border
11) When smugglers unload packages from an airplane in flight
12) These are both legal and illegal
17) Nature?s source for chocolate, which also contains psychoactive ingredients
20) The aroma of growing marijuana is not an unpleasant ___ (Canadian spelling)
22) Hamilton, Ontario?s first and finest cannabis caf?; a Cheech and Chong movie
23) Before the bust, people would place orders for seeds with ___ Direct
24) The ?bad? part of idea
25) All indoor cannabis growers should know that ___s = Watts/Volts
26) Christianity, Islam and Judaism have a common patriarch in Abraham who came from the ancient city of ___, a regular stop for the spice and herb caravans
27) ?Reefer Madness? demonized this
29) Eight strains equals an ___ of variety
31) Big, thick juicy buds have a large ___
33) If you haven?t toked as a student in high school, you probably will as an ___ in university
36) The tasty crystal-laden bud called LUI (pronounced ?Louie?) is actually an acronym for ?___ Ultimate Indica?
38) The main big bud of a marijuana plant is called the ___
39) ?Indica? is derived from the name of this country where cannabis originated
41) In this state, pot possession under 100 grams nets a fine of $100 (abbr.)
42) One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Drug War