Pot Puzzle Fun Book in Playboy

Cannabis Culture’s Pot Puzzle Fun Book received a nice quarter-page review in the December issue of Playboy (available on newsstands now).
The review is on page 61 in the “Forum FYI”:


Is that your final answer, dude?

What’s a four-letter word meaning “inhale on a joint?” Hash oil was used by the German army during World War 1 to safely rot bunions off soldier’s feet – true or false? Cannabis Sativa is latin for (a) canes of Shiva, (b) ancient grown canes or (c) cane that inebriates.

Somehow we can’t see Regis asking these questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (In the event that he does, the answers are toke, true and b.) You’ll find more intellectual munchies, including herbal crosswords and word games, in the Pot Puzzle Fun Book, created by Cannabis Culture magazine. It’s available at bookstores or online.


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