Romancing Mary Jane

West Coast pot culture got a boost from the literary world this September, when Michael Poole’s novel “Romancing Mary Jane” hit the stands. The book tells the true experiences of Poole’s efforts to grow marijuana outdoors on BC’s Sunshine Coast. A retired documentary filmmaker, Poole decided to leave Vancouver and enjoy the simplicity of nature, as well as making huge profits with a marijuana garden.
Poole describes the spiritual and physical aspects of growing marijuana, from the metaphysical enjoyment of getting high and meditating with nature, to the backbreaking labour of preparing the soil for planting. He interweaves many other tales with his own, reporting on conversations with a variety of different growers, discussing the history and sociology of cannabis, and philosophizing about prohibition and pot-politics.

The book was reviewed in many Canadian newspapers, including the nationwide Globe & Mail, which ran a review by Rosie Rowbotham, Canada’s longest serving marijuana prisoner, now a contributing editor for CBC radio.

However, no reviews mentioned that Poole’s literary work is actually illegal in Canada, banned under the same provision of the Criminal Code which also prohibits bongs, pipes, this magazine, and any other “instruments or literature” which promote or advocate the consumption or cultivation of marijuana, or any other drug.

Romancing Mary Jane is a fun book to read for both toker and non-toker alike. Pot-people will recognize themselves and enjoy the portrayal of their culture, while non-puffers will likely learn a great deal about marijuana and those who grow it, in an interesting and philosophical format. Poole even includes a short essay on what to do when busted or questioned by the cops, something no great Pot Novel should be without.