Marc Emery on Ron Paul: "The Great Man Has Left The Building"

Ron PaulRon Paul, my hero and great political and moral influence, gave his farewell speech to Congress on November 14th after 23 years of serving as the lonely, often marginalized, voice of reason and stalwart of constitutional principles in the House of Representatives.

Marc Emery's Reaction to Legalization in the USA

Marc and Jodie, Yazoo prison, September 28th 2012It took 75 years. Seventy-five years to win the majority support for legalizing marijuana at the ballot box.

Marc's US Election Excitement from Behind Bars in Mississippi

Jodie and Marc in Yazoo prison, MississippiToday is Wednesday, October 3rd. In less than five weeks Americans will be voting candidates for President, Senate, the House of Representatives, their local statehouse representatives and senators, state attorney-generals, and their Mayor, City Council, sheriff, county commissioners, and possibly dozens of other elected offices at the state, county and local level.

Marc on the Huffington Post, and other news from prison

Jodie and Marc, July 28th 2012On Tuesday, September 4th, I had an OP-ED published on the Huffington Post about the two Presidential candidates and the drug war.

Mississippi Music Man Marc & The Pussy Riot

MP3 Players are coming, MP3 players are coming! It's official, on Monday, August 13, we can buy a prison issue MP3 player for $70, and on August 20, songs will be available for download on them at $1.20 and $1.60 a song. For me this is the best thing that could happen.

Prison Blog: DEA Admits All My Seed Money Went To Activism

Jodie and Marc in Yazoo prison, June 23rd 2012It's July 15th, and I have 724 days to go if I serve every day in the US federal system up to my early release date of July 9th, 2014.

Prison transfer thoughts and other updates

Today is June 3rd, and there are 766 days left to my release date of July 9th, 2014. I've served 823 days, and with my good time credit, I've got 1,058 days behind me on this 1,825-day (5-year) sentence.

The Importance of Washington's Legalization Initiative I-502

My declaration in my previous blog that activists who oppose the legalization initiative on the November ballot in Washington State are acting foolishly and counter to the interests of our movement provoked a reaction, not unexpectedly.

So I am writing about I-502 again.

Marc's US Prosecutor Pushes for Legalization; Exclusive Newspaper Articles about Marc & Prison Life

Today is Wednesday, April 25. I have 805 days to go to my release. Ten days from now, on Saturday, May 5 – on the day of the Global Marijuana March, and on the occasion of my great friends Chris Goodwin and Erin Gorman's wedding in Toronto after the march – I'll have put in 795 days in prisons serving out this 1,825 day sentence.






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