A Crash Course in Vancouverology

I was delighted to read in the Vancouver Courier that I am amongst Vancouver's most famous AND smart citizens.

Ron Paul & Gary Johnson for President in 2012!

I have met Gary Johnson and he is terrific.

Kat Williams Weed Remix

I recommend you listen to this Kat Williams Remix by DJ Steve Porter; this is great music, hilarious stuff, remixed.

Messing Up The System

My original career as political activist in London, Ontario, up to 1992 is covered in this 1993 documentary, Marc Emery: Messing Up The System.

Duelling Perspectives on Religious Schools

This letter I wrote about funding for religious schools was published in the Vancouver Sun.

How To Send Me Mail

I want to thank everyone who has been sending me mail and books while I'm here at North Fraser Pretrial. Unfortunately, I'm still not getting a lot of my mail due to inappropriate content, missing return addresses, and other silly things like included illegal Post-It notes or staples.

Nowhere Man

Here is a poem I wrote from my prison cell.

No Tax for Pan Am

This video by Paul McKeever is about some of my early activism from 1982 to 1986. Please ignore the 80's hair.

Worldwide Rally in Your City

Starting a 'Free Marc Emery' rally in your city is easy!






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