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Some would call me a bandwagon jumper – and they would be absolutely right – but I must to give shout-outs to the Vancouver Canucks, who will go head-to-head tonight with the Boston Bruins in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Good luck from the Pot Block boys!

This was an article I wrote for Cannabis Culture magazine #68 ... it eventually ended up being called "Vansterdam Livin'":

Marc Emery is going to City Hall on Thursday, April 9th for an appeal hearing about his business licenses. (Read more here and here.) Please send this message to City Council and the Mayor of Vancouver to help convince them that Marc Emery deserves to have business licenses.

A legal battle with city hall could see B.C.'s 'Prince of Pot' getting smoked out of his Downtown Vancouver headquarters. Marc Emery faces drug charges in the U.S. that could land him behind bars. But it's a simple dispute over a city business license that threatens to hit the outspoken marijuana advocate where it hurts - in his pocketbook.