Help Marc Emery Get Business Licenses!

Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture HeadquartersMarc Emery’s Cannabis Culture HeadquartersMarc Emery is going to City Hall on Thursday, April 9th for an appeal hearing about his business licenses. (Read more here and here.) Please send this message to City Council and the Mayor of Vancouver to help convince them that Marc Emery deserves to have business licenses.


EMAIL: [email protected]

FAX: 604.873.7419


Dear Vancouver City Council:

I am writing to support granting business licenses to Marc Emery for the “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” store at 307 West Hastings Street and “420 Convenience” store at 316 West Hastings.

I believe the businesses contribute positively to the local community and improve the area culturally and economically. In light of Marc Emery’s significant contributions to Vancouver and BC, I wholeheartedly support his application for business licenses and encourage you to do the same.


(Phone Number)
420 Convenience Store420 Convenience Store



  1. ren b. on

    it is ironic how somepeople can be so ungrateful; i for one am aware that if it was’nt for marc emery i would not be writing these few words now… so in that light, i want to take the oppertunity to say thank you to marc for all his hard work he has done, in reeducating and standing up for the disenfranchise marijuans community or rather the cannabis culture… also to those in places of the peoples trust, i hope you reconsider your decision to refuse marc emery and the cannabis culture its business licenses to be able to opperate in a legal way… it will send a bad message to the community if all the government promotes is prohibition and lawlessness… what i mean to say is that we need to progress not go backwards and deny the truth of marijuanas vast medecinal and industrial and environmental applications… the way forward might be uncertain but, history has defined the fight and the cannabis / hemp culture is on the right side… keep up the good work marc and may jah always have his wind at your back to lift you higher as you move forward… peace and love, from; ren b.

  2. Anonymous on

    Whats wrong with having a messianic complex or a martyr complex if it’s going to help end insane prohibitions? I sort of like wild eccentrics. Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with Marc on just about everything but prohibition. Just because he never has and never will speak for me, I still love what he is doing because he is different. He is a shining light of iconoclasm in this lonely shitty world.