Go Vansterdam Canucks!

Some would call me a bandwagon jumper – and they would be absolutely right – but I must to give shout-outs to the Vancouver Canucks, who will go head-to-head tonight with the Boston Bruins in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Good luck from the Pot Block boys!

If you live in Canada and love hockey, smoke one for the Canucks!

No matter the outcome of the game, Vansterdam is going to be jumping tonight. If you’re in the neighbourhood on any game night, stop by the BCMP Vapor Lounge (307 W. Hastings) for some sticky-icky with your sports.

The logo to the right is from the BANNED Vansterdam T-shirt. Seriously. The NHL actually phoned CCHQ and Vansterdam Clothing and demanded we stop selling it!

You can watch the game LIVE online on CBC.ca

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Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



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  4. Glenn on

    What happened after the game was a disgrace. I don’t understand what these idiots were thinking when they rioted and began destroying their own city simply because the team they loved lost a game. I don’t follow hockey and could care less about it or any other sport. There are far more important things in life than who wins or loses a game.

    I normally abhor violence except as a last resort but I believe that the police should have started shooting the rioters on sight. Such actions by people, whether drunk or not, should never be tolerated. This may seem like an extreme point of view but what these people did to their own city was a disgrace to not only their country but to the entire human species. Anyone who attempts to defend the actions of the rioters is either a fool or a communist because only someone who wants to overthrow their government could applaud such behavior.

    I hope these fools are happy because they have become useful idiots. They have played right into the hands of the Canadian lawmakers who want to be tougher on crime. There actions have probably been a major setback to the cannabis legalization movement as the lawmakers can now point to this as yet another example of why society doesn’t need any more legal intoxicants. I hate to say this but if this is how young people act these days, then the politicians are probably right. Until today’s youth can show that they are capable of handling the responsibilities of using intoxicants then we don’t need to legalize any more of them. In fact, we may want to seriously consider raising the drinking age after this or to completely ban alcohol at sporting events.

    This saddens me to have written this because my whole life I’ve been for the legalization of all drugs. I used to think that people should be able to make such decisions for themselves, but not anymore. Society just isn’t ready yet. We need to grow up first.

  5. Guitarod on

    As far as the riot after the 7th game in Vansterdam, I wonder what would have happened if the crowd didn’t have access to booze.

    With alcohol & youths involved, we shouldn’t be too surprised at results.

    If booze was banned & weed was available to everyone FREE I don’t think there would have been a riot at all & authorities would not have had much to do, except confiscating booze.

    Some live music may have helped as well, after the Canucks dismantled. Too bad, got so close & had most of the country behind them.

    I will have to get one of those t-shirts tho.

    When your a head your ahead.

    Frankford, Ontario

  6. Jodie on

    The reason I am enjoying the Canucks play off games is because even though I hate violence (and therefore, do not approve of fights or bloodshed in any sports), at least sports are something people can unite around and have fun together, without politics or religion or heavy, depressing world news and current events having any impact. I won’t pay to see a game, I won’t go to a bar to watch, I won’t even wear Marc’s jersey unless he tells me I really should (since he would if he could!), I simply love the enthusiasm and enormous positive vibe that permeates the city when people join together for a good time. I know thousands of Canucks (and even Bruins) fans are politically involved, intelligent and accomplished people. Just because we have something fun to be distracted by, amidst all the horrors, anguish, suffering and other terrible things going on in the world, does not mean I or others are ignoring all the important non-sport stuff happening every single day. Nothing wrong with feeling good and rising high on everyone’s happy vibes for a short time in between working hard and being serious.

  7. Anonymous on

    Will the tribalism ever stop? Will the ‘us vs. them for no good reason’ thinking ever end?