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2001 was the biggest year for sales of Marc Emery Direct Seeds. It sure needed to be! All the profits that year (as was the case every year), $700,000, were directed to non-profit projects in the US, Canada, and around the world. The two most demanding on money were Pot TV, which needed $270,000 for just 2001 alone with no revenue stream at all, and the British Columbia Marijuana Party provincial election campaign of March to May 2001.

Some would call me a bandwagon jumper – and they would be absolutely right – but I must to give shout-outs to the Vancouver Canucks, who will go head-to-head tonight with the Boston Bruins in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Good luck from the Pot Block boys!

Vancouver's self-styled "Prince of Pot" says city hall and the police department are trying to run him out of town. Marc Emery has a political campaign office, a magazine and a retail store based on West Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver — but the marijuana activist said he's hitting a wall when it comes to getting business licences.

Cannabis Culture Magazine Publisher and Editor Marc Emery says a public forum on gang violence held in Surrey, BC would have been completely devoid of 'reason or rational words' if not for a small group of anti-prohibition activists holding signs and handing out pamphlets.