B.C. Liberals Candidate Darryl Plecas Targeted for Opposition to Pot

Abbotsford South is ground zero in the B.C. Marijuana Party’s war against prohibition.

From its original plan to run two candidates in the May 14 election just to maintain its registration with Elections B.C., the party is now intent on doing more than that.

When B.C. Liberals annointed criminologist Darryl Plecas as their candidate in Abbotsford South, marijuana-legalization advocate Steve Finlay went from thinking about bringing in people to campaign against Plecas to deciding to represent the cannabis party himself in the election.

According to Finlay, Plecas is the “worst prohibitionist” around these days. “I said, ‘Okay, this is the opportunity to show that if you are a prohibitionist, you pay for it and you don’t do well in the polls,’?” Finlay told the Straight in a phone interview.

Although Finlay doesn’t expect to win Abbotsford South, which has been held for five straight terms by now independent MLA John van Dongen, his party’s endgame is clear: “Show by example that being a hard prohibitionist gets in the way of being elected.”

Plecas said he has assumed that the B.C. Marijuana Party is after him. The long-time University of the Fraser Valley professor is undaunted, however. “That is complete crap,” Plecas said in a phone interview with the Straight, dismissing the argument that legalizing marijuana will undercut criminal syndicates.

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