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I recently read about how all the marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas are getting busted hard. These pot stores were popping up all over the city last year. Readily accessible medicine for patients may seem like a great idea to you, but not to the conservatives in Nevada.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Pro Wrestler and pot activist Rob Van Dam would love to see Michael Phelps become an advocate of marijuana, but knows it won't happen. In this Cannabis Culture article, RVD writes that he admires the way the Olympian handled getting busted, and thinks its time to put down the Corn Flakes.

Rob Van Dam is one of the world’s best-known professional wrestlers. He has fought in over 1,000 events at Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), earning 19 championship belts and an array of accolades from 1997 to 2007. Though WWE wrestling is semi-scripted sports entertainment, it nonetheless relies on extreme athleticism and injuries are common: Van Dam has suffered broken ankles and limbs, concussions, and has had surgery on one of his knees. He also used cannabis throughout his entire professional career. Van Dam was caught with a small quantity of marijuana in his car just days after a huge televised wrestling victory, and was stripped of his World Championship belt in 2006, but despite being temporarily expelled from wrestling, he has absolutely no regrets about his cannabis use and advocacy.