Wrestling Superstar Rob Van Dam Endorses Dana Larsen for BC NDP Leader

CANNABIS CULTURE – Champion pro wrestler Rob Van Dam has released a video endorsing the campaign of BC NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen, and encourages his fans in BC to join the NDP before January 17 to take part in the vote.

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“I appreciate Rob’s support,” said Larsen. “Of course as an American he can’t join the BC NDP himself, but this just goes to show how our campaign is getting people excited all around the world.”

Rob Van Dam is an advocate for marijuana legalization, and was known for wearing cannabis code “420” on his wrestling gear, as well as performing a “420 leg drop” as one of his signature moves.

“We expect to have more celebrity endorsements over the length of the campaign,” said Larsen. “I’m encouraged by the international support our campaign has received, it’s a testament to the popularity of taxing, regulating and controlling marijuana. People around the world are looking to Canada for leadership on this issue.”

Rob Van Dam endorsement video:

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Van Dam joins legendary actor and filmmaker Tommy Chong, who released a video this month supporting Larsen’s campaign.

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