Rob Van Dam: Stand Up For Weed

I recently read about how all the marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas are getting busted hard. These pot stores were popping up all over the city last year. Readily accessible medicine for patients may seem like a great idea to you, but not to the conservatives in Nevada.

So, I’m reading The Week – a Vegas publication – and it has the details of 15 people who were arrested January 6 by Federal authorities. Feds don’t recognize state medical marijuana laws, so dozens of counts of marijuana distribution and money laundering hit the dispensary owners. In case you didn’t know, the word “medical” is not allowed in Federal court when concerning marijuana.

The article shows a head shot of John Birmele, and states that he is one of two defendants still locked up (as per January 27). Here’s what the article says:

“Prosecutors argued Birmele should remain in jail because of both the additional federal weapons charges against him and Birmele’s criminal record, including 18 previous arrests years ago for pan-handling.”

I know John, and here’s what they aren’t telling you – John is severely crippled!

I don’t mean he’s got a limp, I mean he’s one of those unfortunate people who’s legs look bent the wrong way, he stands like three feet tall and he walks with those crutches that are strapped to his deformed arms.

This motherfucker was pan-handling? So-the-fuck-what?

He went from begging for money on the streets, to operating his own store, and they want to throw him in a cell? WTF?!?

You guys know I’m not a fan of guns, but John has – or had – a store that sells marijuana, and he is in no position to fight off anyone choosing to give him a problem.

If there ever was a situation where someone should probably have a weapon, I think John qualifies.

Hang in there, John.


While walking around in Glasgow, I met a comedian who was telling me he liked my stand-up comedy. I knew he couldn’t have seen anything other than old stuff, posted from my first times, so as per the Scotty’s request – here’s a few minutes from some recent shit.

I call it RVD: Stand Up 4 Weed. That should give you kiddies an idea of the content.