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We are in a complete legal quagmire with medical cannabis law in California. Localities want to allow and tax cannabis, and the federal government is simultaneously trying to destroy anyone providing cannabis in a medical context, all the while claiming it will honor state and local law. Smack-dab in the middle of this debacle is the city of Sacramento.

Before Marc was shipped from Seattle to a prison in southern Nevada (en route to his designated prison in Taft, California) he told me I should go to California to help the Proposition 19 campaign to legalize cannabis. He was excited for me to do phone calls, hold signs, and whatever else was needed to help Prop 19 win.

As California voters gear up for a November 2 vote on Proposition 19, a ballot measure that would legalize the growth, possession and distribution of marijuana, nine former administrators of the Drug Enforcement Administration have issued a preemptive call to the White House: If Prop 19 passes, they say, President Obama should sue.