The State Of Medical Cannabis In the City of Sacramento

We are in a complete legal quagmire with medical cannabis law in California. Localities want to allow and tax cannabis, and the federal government is simultaneously trying to destroy anyone providing cannabis in a medical context, all the while claiming it will honor state and local law. Smack-dab in the middle of this debacle is the city of Sacramento.

Cannabis was made legal in California for medical use (by doctor recommendation) Nov. 5, 1996, by a voter approval of 55 percent, a hearty victory. More than one president claimed a mandate when exceeding 55 percent of the vote. Since that time, thousands of California patients, doctors, farmers and nonprofit collective operators have been arrested, bullied, assaulted, raided, labeled drug dealers, shot at, stolen from, incarcerated and severed from their families.

In 2009, 13 years after the legalization of cannabis, Sacramento set out to create a licensing system for dispensaries that were already open, and place a moratorium on new places opening. In the process, they threw on the ballot a 4 percent tax on potential recreational marijuana use and a 2 percent tax on medical cannabis. When Prop 19 (a law legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults) failed, they imposed the 4 percent tax on medical marijuana, a very sneaky move, against the intent of what people had voted on. This ordinance at least pleased many medical cannabis providers because they were allowed to stay open as long as they didn’t have to move.

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  1. gutrod on

    The government never gives the con trolly more than 2 choices. In this case it is either:
    1. Obey their draconian laws.
    2. Disobey and face the consequences which are way more severe than the supposed crime.
    Western democracy where the majority rules is a big fat lie.