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Marijuana and drug trafficking are the central catalysts in the current Lower Mainland gang war, yet we are discussing everything except the obvious solution -- an end to the continental prohibition on illicit drugs.

Cannabis Culture Magazine Publisher and Editor Marc Emery says a public forum on gang violence held in Surrey, BC would have been completely devoid of 'reason or rational words' if not for a small group of anti-prohibition activists holding signs and handing out pamphlets.

Congressman Ron Paul is the most conservative, grandfatherly man to ever be admired by America's marijuana enthusiasts. On Friday night's episode of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, he reminded those who may have been suffering an impaired short-term memory at that late hour why, exactly, they should like him.

A retired judge proposes legalizing and regulating drugs, says government plans to put more police officers on the ground won’t lessen the danger to ordinary citizens

'The dangers of grow-ops only exist because marijuana is illegal' Cannabis Culture Editor Jodie Emery writes in a letter to the Globe and Mail
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