Anti-Prohibition Rally In Nepal

CANNABIS CULTURE – The people of Nepal held an anti-prohibition rally in the capital Kathmandu on June 26, 2009. Organized by a young man named Sujan, the rally was made up of 30 cars, decorated with pro-legalization and anti-prohibition signs.

The organization responsible for the event is made up of an alliance of taxi drivers, individuals and various cultural communities in the country.

The Nepalese government recently banned marijuana in the country, after a long history of safe and effective use. Starting in 1973, the government, at the urging of the United States, began to arrest those who grew, sold, or consumed marijuana.

According to event organizer Sujan, the purpose of the rally was to “to open public debate on the current drug scenario” and “tourism will also increase. It means development of Nepal“. There were no reports of arrests or confrontations with police at the scene.

As recently as 2006 a group of Hindu scholars and priests openly smoked marijuana in Kathmandu to protest Nepalese prohibition. In the same year, the King of Nepal ceded control of the country to a popular uprising demanding meaningful democratic government. In 2008, elections were held for the newly formed House of Representatives, with the Communist party winning the most seats, forming a coalition government with most other parties.

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  1. Anonymous on

    It’s not bad enough that the US persecutes a harmless plant on their own soil, they feel compelled to foist their ignorance upon other countries of the world by backing a dumptruck full of money up to the leader’s office and calling it “aid”. They are using the tax money from US citizens to spread draconianism worldwide.

  2. JF on

    that’s great news. I love Nepali temple ball hash. one of my favorite smokes. it would be truly wonderful to be able to go on a smoking vacation in Nepal someday. similar to a wine vacation in Sonoma Valley I suppose

  3. Anonymous on

    NEPAL is in the “CANNABIS ALLEY” of ASia, cannabis is found to be indigenous to central and western China, Nepal, N. India. In Nepal , there used to be hash shops where one could try samples of the best hash in the world. safely, Now you obtain it form heroin Junkies, or if your smart babas. My house is about 1kil from Swayambhunath.

  4. Worm on

    I love a good Nepalese high, some of the best green i have had.