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Today is Wednesday, October 3rd. In less than five weeks Americans will be voting candidates for President, Senate, the House of Representatives, their local statehouse representatives and senators, state attorney-generals, and their Mayor, City Council, sheriff, county commissioners, and possibly dozens of other elected offices at the state, county and local level.

CANNABIS CULTURE - Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, 42, has been named as Vice Presidential pick by Republican Mitt Romney. Ryan, who has a terrible record on human rights, been making waves as head of the House Budget Committee, with yet another a plan to cut taxes on the rich and roll back social programs.

I don't care about Mitt Romney's big house in La Jolla or his plans to make it much bigger and install a car elevator. He has 18 grandkids, so he needs a lot of space, including for cars. I get that. However, I can't get with a man who does stuff like this: